Greatness comes from Individuals

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ThyArt 12 Principles:

Indomitable Spirit - An Unbreakable Spirit
Fearless - Not afraid to be GREAT
Priceless - Spirit that is not for sale
Truth - To thy self be truthful
The Boss - Serving Leadership
Marriage - Two Halves to Completeness
Father - Most important man to a Child
Mother - Most important woman to a Child
Great Realm - Greatness from Greatness
Faith - The Right of People to have Believe
One Family of better people
One World of Individuals over any Collective

ThyArt - ThyArt ( thī-ärt ) is a philosophy of finding human balance within Tao and Te, for better understanding toward survival, health, happiness, and wealth. ThyArt stresses the importance of a balance between any collective and the individual.  The individual should never become a collective thought where the individual fails to think for self.  ThyArt is a reference of tools to define your art!

MiiArt - ( mī-ärt ) singular pronoun used to reference one self and whom they are. MiiArt is a term under ThyArt that refers to an individual sum of their life and presence, displaying everything that is beautiful as well as ugly. It is the past, present, and direction of their future. It is my art!

ThyArtist - ThyArtist ( thī-är-tĭst ) is a term under ThyArt that refers to the individual that follows the concept of ThyArt to find his or her own greatness. There are no other guidelines, rules, or rituals. A ThyArtist is an individual trying to find his or her own greatness.

These are the three words of ThyArt. ThyArt is a guide in creating your art called MiiArt. It is an individual choice to consider self a ThyArtist. While ThyArt suggest red, blue, and yellow the individual may find preference in purple and green.

May the pen be mightier than the sword!

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