Greatness comes from Individuals

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2020 word of the year INDIVIDUALISM

Wish everyone the best 2018. Make it about the best you! I am redoing this website for the millionth time. I am making most all content what I am naming Grow Books. I will publish all material to Smashwords publishing and the content that people show the most interest in, I will focus on and update. For content that has a price, any purchaser by design will be available to all updates at no cost. This is my donation system. I wanted to place campaigns for free but Smashwords distributes content to many larger eBook platforms that do not allow "free" material. Above Obesity will be placed up for free to Smashwords and hope it helps those needing to lose weight in some way.

My Efforts: (click on to view)
Tao Te ThyArt (start date 2014)
Puzzling Words - DARK 2020 (start date 2008)
Above Campaigns (start data 2018)
A Good Life (2020)
ThyArt - Self Defense (start date 1979)

May the pen be mightier than the sword!

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