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Welcome to my website! I am Tim LeClair and my job description is researcher and author (and manager at ThyArt Nation LLC). I have been researching full time since the year 2008, I have dared to ask the questions that most dare not ask and have tried best to view everything from a non-biased position. During this period I have found a wealth of information that I hope you will find interesting but most important useful in your trek to wealth, happiness, and maintaining health.


People wanted the answer on how to fix the problems the world faces. The answer is a society that understands the importance of individualism and understands that collectivism of any kind grows to be a cancer on humanity.

ThyArt Above Climate Change: CLICK HERE

The MOST concerning topic of the 21st Century. Climate Change is most important to resolve or is the biggest crime of the century. You must learn the truth so you can focus your efforts, your money, and your vote accordingly. Climate Change IS EFFECTING YOU!

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