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New Status Page

ThyArt / ThyArt Primer - ThyArt Society

Next year 2019, will be about finishing DARK 2020. ThyArt Society will become a society of one until the ThyArt Society document is complete; that should be 2 or 3 years from now. Until then DARK 2020 will bring enlightenment for the need of such ThyArt Society. VIEW-ARTICLE

Guide to the Layout and using the Puzzle Pieces

DARK 2020 Opening / V00 - Preface - Tim LeClair

The rating system is to give a better understanding of my view on the puzzle piece to whether it is in the book because I am 100% or whether I do have doubts. This coupled with the second number of the seriousness of if the puzzle piece is correct total a worth of the puzzle piece. If the total is 8 or more the color is red or darker gray, else it is light blue or gray. If less that 6, it is not worthy of concern and has no place in his book. (1-5) a low first number to a high second number would likely equate to fear mongering. (5-1) a high first number to a low second number would likely equate to trivial information. VIEW-ARTICLE

Preparing for January 2019

ThyArt / ThyArt Primer - Tim of ThyArt

This post is to test the features that I am adding to the website. I am getting ready to add a feature to retire articles and make them available on Smashwords. I will be testing a new means to embed videos into articles. I will be adding a next and previous link to the bottom to display the title so a viewer will be more attracted to more articles posted. I am working on a "like" system that will allow viewers to rate DARK 2020 articles on probability and concern, giving the article a viewer rating. I am considering turning on subscriptions for Patreon sponsors to allow them continued access to retired articles that would else wise require purchasing through Smashwords or it distributors. VIEW-ARTICLE

Aaron Russo MAD AS HELL (1996)

D2020 Supporting Media / V20 - V12: US Empire - Tim LeClair

Aaron Russo (February 14, 1943 - August 24, 2007) was an American entertainment businessman, filmmaker, libertarian political activist, and a 9/11 truth activist. He was best-known for producing Trading Places, Wise Guys, and The Rose. VIEW-ARTICLE

Democracy is Not Mob Rules but Mob of Fools

D2020 Mind and Body / V01 - Semantics - Tim LeClair

The people of the United States in 2012 did not select Barack Obama as the Democrat candidate for the U.S. President. He was the only option and there never was a vote to determine the people’s choice in over 30 of the states. There never was and never will be any democracy in the Democrat Party nor any in the Republican Party; it is all smoke and mirrors. VIEW-ARTICLE

APR the sign of Lack of Financial Education

D2020 Mind and Body / V02 - Education - Tim LeClair

Many studies have been conducted over the last two decades of college students’ financial knowledge. The studies varied from multiple choice to yes or no questionnaires. The scores on most of these instruments concerning the acronym APR were no better than the chance at guessing the correct answer. Is the ability to fill out a checkbook or understand a credit card bill important? Is there a reason that financial education is not important to the education system? Or better question! Is there a reason that lack of financial education is important to the education system? VIEW-ARTICLE

NOAA and Bill Nye 2 Liter Bottle Foolery 5-4

D2020 Science / Technology / V10 - Climate Change - ThyArt Society

Bill Nye makes a fool of self and children. The basics of the experiment is taking two 2 liter bottles filling one with carbon dioxide and the other one just normal air, put a heat source on them, and see which one the temperature rises the most; pretty simple. The purpose supposedly is to show that CO2 absorbs infrared and retains it as heat in the atmosphere causing an increase in global temperature. VIEW-ARTICLE

A New World Order - ThyArt

ThyArt Society / Opening - ThyArt Society

ThyArt is a pebble attempting to start a landslide of positive change in humanity. Humanity may still be too early in its infancy unable maturely to take the steps that would create great unity, ending division, wars, and poverty. Maybe such perfection in humanity is against Tao and humanity is not provided enough intelligence to overcome these barriers. Could humanity survive in such a world? VIEW-ARTICLE

ThyArt - Title Page

ThyArt Society / Opening - ThyArt Society

Title and Copyright VIEW-ARTICLE

ThyArt Society Page 1

ThyArt Society / Opening - ThyArt Society

Tao - The Way: Tao referred to as “The Way”. Tao is the mystery of all that is the great balance within life and the universe. Tao is the philosophy of all, not a religion. When the word Tao is used, replace the word Tao with one’s understanding of life, whether god or science or nature or just unknown. Tao is a philosophy of understanding of what cannot be understood. VIEW-ARTICLE

Florida Forever; but Owned by the Banksters 4-4

D2020 Power / V11 - Globalization - Tim LeClair

What if all the land becomes property of the government? What if the government becomes burdened with debt and the only valuable available is the land to pay its debt? When the government owns land, it is no longer taxable and requires funds to maintain, it becomes an expense to the taxpayer. VIEW-ARTICLE

Greenland is not Melting Away 5-4

D2020 Science / Technology / V10 - Climate Change - Tim of ThyArt

If anyone tells you that Greenland is losing ice and is causing the sea level to rise, your response to them should be, "Do you know what you are talking about?", followed with the information provided here from this 7 part series on Greenland. Educate them on Greenland. The Greenland Ice Sheet has a mass of 2.88 Petatons. Greenland accumulation by snow, rain (turns to ice), and condensation, is greater than its loss to melt, evaporation, and water runoff. Glaciers are its only means of loss and Greenland is a basin preventing any serious loss of ice by glaciers. VIEW-ARTICLE

Forced Rape

Tao Te ThyArt / Destruction of ThyArt - Tim LeClair


Tao Te Ching Translations

Tao Te ThyArt / Tao Te Ching - Tim LeClair

The Tao Te ThyArt is not a translation or an analysis of the Tao Te Ching. Provided here are some translations and some analysis of the Tao Te Ching. VIEW-ARTICLE

Not following ThyArt

Tao Te ThyArt / Destruction of ThyArt - Tim LeClair



Tao Te ThyArt / Destruction of ThyArt - Tim LeClair



Tao Te ThyArt / Destruction of ThyArt - Tim LeClair


Corrupt Government

Tao Te ThyArt / Destruction of ThyArt - Tim LeClair



Tao Te ThyArt / Destruction of ThyArt - Tim LeClair



Tao Te ThyArt / Destruction of ThyArt - Tim LeClair


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