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213-Diet Third Edition is ThyArt - Above Obesity

Later this year I will be modifying this to ThyArt - Above Obesity. The 2nd edition had a better layout for presenting the actions and had them in order of importance. While I do not plan to put much more time into research, I do want it to be organized for effectiveness.

Not about approval of Dr. Atkins but Dr. Atkins’ introduced his concept of dieting in the year 1972 and he did not become a common name until almost 30 years later. Maybe 30 years from now someone might find worth in what I write here. You can join and view the latest developments and have the ability to interaction with the author.

Losing weight is 100 percent mental and just about zilch physical. If you cannot get control of your habits, control of your stress, and your means to control boredom, you are doomed.

The concept of “Energy in = energy out” in previous editions was allowed without countering. In this edition, this statement is proven fraudulent. It is Fuel in = Energy out + Fuel out + Fuel stored. Calorie counting is a fool's game!

The 213-Diet Pyramid is copyright protected belonging to the author of the 213-Diet. Do not use this material or claim it as yours. I reserve the right to improve the concept for effectiveness towards helping people in their quest for successful weight loss.

The concept of the pyramid is in that each layer below supports the layer above and the base supports all the layers above. When the base fails (lifestyle), the whole system fails, if a layer fails, the layers above that layer also fail. One can have some success with losing weight without following this 213-Diet pyramid scheme but failure will likely ensue.

The Layers of the Pyramid:

1 - The Lifestyle: Lifestyle is the way a person lives and their daily transactions. A person’s lifestyle is the primary factor in weight control and health. Every effort to lose weight must be adopted into a person’s lifestyle.

2 - The Habits of Weight-gain and Unhealthiness: Habits are the largest part of a person’s life that create weight gain and hinder weight loss.

3 – Modifiers: Toxins, substances, and altered organic foods are the primary cause of over indulgence and an ineffective metabolism. This is the secret to weight loss. There is big industry in people eating more and making them engulf food uncontrollably. Over a trillion dollars every year in transactions is due to bad food and toxins; excess eating, bogus, supplements, weight programs, medical related health issues, related surgery and related deaths.

4 - Sugars and Starches: Processed sugars and starches are the primary cause of obesity.

5 - Portion Control: Portion control refers to the ability to restrict the quantity consumed of food deemed valuable as fuel or building blocks, not referring to actual quality. It must be clearly stated that consuming less of certain particular items will result in less desire to consume excess food.

6 - Stress and Mental Health: Controlling stress and having a clear mind to focus on weight control is critical to reaching and maintaining your goals. This is the brick wall that all will face and will be most everyone's failure.

7 - Protein Control: Protein is the magic to weight control. It is needed to build a person big, either more muscular and or more fat, and it is needed to rebuild back to small.

8 - Physical Activities: Physical activity is referred to as the normal activity of the human body to stimulate the organs to maintain their functions in a healthy manner.

9 - Sleep: The human body has been proven to require sleep. The amount of sleep on most reputable studies indicates this amount to be at least 7 hours. 8 hours of sleep being optimal.

10 - Water: Water is important for cell existence, metabolic reactions, transport of nutrients, body temperature regulation, and the elimination of waste and toxins. Water is extremely important to health and a good metabolism required for quality weight loss. Losing water is not weight loss!

11 - Oxygen: Oxygen makes up about 65% of the human body mass; it is followed by carbon at 18% and hydrogen at 12%. Most of this oxygen is in the form of water. Oxygen intake from breathing is extremely important to the metabolism, organ function, and using (burning) fuel within the body.

12 - Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamins are a group of organic substances that are essential, in small quantities, for the normal functioning of metabolism in the body. Minerals are the essential minerals required for proper metabolism and the functions of the body.

13 - Exercise: Exercise is physical activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive for the purpose of losing weight and or gaining muscle.

I have witnessed multiple people that have not lost weight performing extreme exercise programs. One obese woman under gym instructor program for one hour a day, 5 days a week, for 2 months, lost barely 2 pounds. One pregnant looking man going to the local gym 3 to 5 days a week for years still looks seven months pregnant. The only program to lose weight successfully is to follow the pyramid, starting at the bottom with your lifestyle changes moving to the top, then worry about exercise. This way the exercise has a solid base to support it in being useful towards creating fitness.

The key to success of the pyramid is to often review and improve these principals of the 213-Diet pyramid. Keep the 213-Diet concept with you for life and you will slowly progress to that person that you can be happy with, both weight wise and health wise.

Oxygen may seem more important than all other topics including water. It is NOT a diagram to set the order of importance for sustaining life but for losing weight. Oxygen and water are maintained instinctively and we naturally maintain these at a safe level. As we age, we have a tendency to drift from and overcome some of what is perfectly natural, becoming less than optimum. In order to lose weight in a healthy and maintainable manner such concerns as water, oxygen, vitamins, and minerals become important, especially when including physical exercise. This is why good eating, sleep, water, oxygen, minerals, and vitamins are the supporting layers to a good exercise program.

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