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1.11. Philosophy - Do not Stress

Just Words / Philosophy - Tim LeClair

This is your life and each day of your life will add up to the total of your life. It is time to make it a great life! BE HAPPY! VIEW-ARTICLE

1.10. Philosophy - Self Respect

Just Words / Philosophy - Tim LeClair

The sooner you become unhealthy, the sooner the doctors will do their best to keep you alive and to keep you as a paying customer. VIEW-ARTICLE

1.9. Philosophy - The Centenarians

Just Words / Philosophy - Tim LeClair

Living healthy to an old age is a combination of many things. Most young people do not consider that age comes one day at a time. Most will wake up one day on their eightieth birthday wishing they comprehended this fact seventy years ago. VIEW-ARTICLE

1.8. Philosophy - Setting Expectations

Just Words / Philosophy - Tim LeClair

I can say that 50 pounds per year is the maximum for normal recovery of the human body. To expect more may lead to false accomplishment and any break in the program will lead to a weight increase that may be detrimental to your hope. VIEW-ARTICLE

1.7. Philosophy - Values for Success

Just Words / Philosophy - Tim LeClair

A basic definition of value is relative worth, merit, or importance; the importance or preciousness of something. For our purpose, value is the something or somebody that is worth effort and the order of their importance towards effort. Your health should be an extremely important value. VIEW-ARTICLE

1.6. Philosophy - Setting Value of Self

Just Words / Philosophy - Tim LeClair

There must be a healthy balance between self-apathy and narcissism, with a balance between empathy and selfishness. It is important to have a healthy value of self and self-interest. Everyone must set some importance toward self. So take care of yourself so no one else will have to. One of your most important values should be yourself. VIEW-ARTICLE

1.5. Philosophy - True Pride and Honest Love

Just Words / Philosophy - Tim LeClair

When we have an honest love for self, we do things to care for and protect our body. We understand that smoking tobacco is going to hurt what we love and we prevent it from doing so. Either we do this by never start smoking or we quit when this self-love exceeds the benefits of smoking. This is the love that I stress we need to find for our plan toward successful weight loss. VIEW-ARTICLE

1.4. Philosophy - Hope to build Faith

Just Words / Philosophy - Tim LeClair

As a runner readies to compete for a mile sprint, he has faith in his known potential and a hope that he can go beyond this proven potential. He knows that to over exert can lead to failure and even possible injury, he must remain true to what he faithfully believes. He also reasons that if he puts just a bit more effort here or there, he may hopefully outdo his assumed limits and redefine his faithful potential. VIEW-ARTICLE

1.3. Finding Concern

Just Words / Philosophy - Tim LeClair

If you live in fear, you live without hope! Fear and hope cannot truly exist in the same moment and one will always overcome the other. Everybody lives in fear in some way or another; they just become insensitive to it. It is important to remain sensitive to the fears that really have an effect on your life. VIEW-ARTICLE

1.2. Philosophy - True Hope to Self Respect

Just Words / Philosophy - Tim LeClair

A person must separate what is real and what is a facade to have a true respect of self. To lose weight and maintain that weight loss you must have self-respect. If that seems offensive, it is likely because false reasons are interfering. VIEW-ARTICLE

1.1. Program Agenda and Concept

Just Words / Philosophy - Tim LeClair

The 213-Diet concept to achieve the agenda is to provide an understanding that success is possible, find reason for change, provide methods to attain smaller goals that incrementally equate to the larger final goals, and finally make the small goals measurable and maintainable to build a faith in the program and pride in accomplishment. VIEW-ARTICLE

1. With Love - Philosophy

Just Words / Philosophy - Tim LeClair

The philosophy of the 213-Diet Program is to provide the best solutions to building self-respect and gaining control of health and weight issues. VIEW-ARTICLE

5.25. Brain and Muscle Encoding

Just Words / Physiology - Tim LeClair

At the base of the brain, our planned action is gathered and processed for action, then sending signals to the muscles to invoke this action. As these processes are repeated, they become more perfected to the task and more comfortable performing the task. VIEW-ARTICLE

The Magic

Foreword / Opening Statements - Tim LeClair

The problem is the magic does not come from any product or service available, including this program. The magic comes from within you, and only you. VIEW-ARTICLE

The New Buzzword – The-POP-Diet

Foreword / Opening Statements - Tim LeClair

Pop is how it happens. That one day, when a person's bad lifestyle and habits catch up with them and something breaks, "POP". Many people I know have died or are suffering from what first was metabolic syndrome. VIEW-ARTICLE


Foreword / Opening Statements - Tim LeClair

All information and tools presented within this diet are intended for educational purposes. VIEW-ARTICLE


Foreword / Opening Statements - Tim LeClair

This dedication is for you! VIEW-ARTICLE

Copyright Notice

Foreword / Opening Statements - Tim LeClair

This is the Copyright Notice for the 213-Diet 3rd Edition VIEW-ARTICLE

Recognize Failure

Just Action / Final Notes - Tim LeClair

Failure comes in many ways, some relates to falling back into complacency of old habits, maybe not being active enough, developing new bad habits or change in lifestyle. VIEW-ARTICLE

Keep some Sugar Gum Available

Just Action / Portion Control - Tim LeClair

Chewing on some sugared gum or a small candy my help in reducing the effects related to consuming less sugar in your diet. Seriously, sugar free gum? How much sugar can one stick of gum contain? VIEW-ARTICLE

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