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Issues Making Humanity appear Stupid!

26 April 2017

I will start focusing on campaigns at the start of 2018. I will be focusing on a few campaigns starting July 2017 for the purpose of finding the best approach.

21 January 2017

There is one word that allows a child to grow and that is the word “why”. When the word why is removed from the child’s tongue, intelligence dies.

Root Cause: A root cause is an initiating cause of either a condition or a causal chain that leads to an outcome or effect of interest. Most organizations that collect charities or attempt to resolve issues fail truly to seek the root cause, resulting in failure to achieve desired or claimed desired goals. It is obvious that many of the charities love their money more than caring about if the change that is put to the cause actually resolves the issue. We can do better!

There are many situations that seem to make little sense.

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