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News and Video - Sept 8th 2021
Tim of ThyArt   09 Sep 2021 / updated: 09/Sep/2021

News and videos from September 8, 2021

This is again another test. It would take over half the day to properly present the latest news each day, time which I do not have at the moment. Plus I noticed a sluggishness loading the page due to number of embedded vidoes.

The retardedness allowed of school teachers is getting out of control. Teacher tapes mask to student while all the other children laugh at him.

America Uncovered - Labor Day this year was a kick in the pants to laborers who were on unemployment benefits. The long weekend marked the day millions lost federal unemployment assistance related to the covid pandemic. The Biden administration has declined to extend them, which has angered some in his party but endeared him to many Republicans. Watch this episode of America Uncovered for more on waste and fraud in pandemic-era benefits, what effect this could have on jobs, and what the Biden admin is proposing states do about lost federal benefits.

Rebel News - Hundreds of small businesses are being destroyed, and thousands of locals displaced on the most ridiculous Covid-border in the world. Two joining communities divided by barrier road block on road between.

AwakenwithJP - SATIRE - Hateful Joe Rogan Is Spreading Misinformation and Must Be Stopped! You’ll learn everything you need to know about the recent Joe Rogan controversy. Joe's COVID Experience, CNN's Ivermectin Claims.

Black Conservative - Social media users mocked a headline from The Hill indicating that the State Department is concerned about the Taliban having an all-male interim government in Afghanistan, with many wondering if they were reading the satirical website the Babylon Bee. The Taliban formed an interim government this week after taking control of Afghanistan in the wake of the withdrawal of U.S. troops. The White House did not say whether it would recognize the government, only that they were in "no rush" to do so and they'd first monitor how the group conducted itself.

Charlie Kirk - White Leftist in Gorilla Mask ThrowsEggs at Black CA Gubernatorial Candidate. A bunch of white racists liberals attack a black candidate with eggs. Remember Bidens saying "You ain't black if you do not know who to vote for".

China in Focus - NTD - Landslides wreak havoc across China. Spurred on by heavy rain, they buried houses and damaged roads and bridges. Over 900 documents verify U.S. funds backed research on various coronaviruses carried out at Wuhan’s infamous Virology Institute. Chinese real estate companies are going bankrupt. They’ve recently been driven into crisis, as authorities impose new policies on the industry. Cases of newly diagnosed leukemia appear in China. Doctors made the discovery after the patients got vaccinated. Four members of a pro-democracy group have been arrested in Hong Kong. It's the same group that organizes an annual June 4 rally to commemorate those who died in the bloody 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

China Uncensored - The US has made working with China on climate change a priority because it sees China as key to lowering global carbon emissions. US climate envoy John Kerry has met with Chinese officials on this numerous times, but the two sides don't see eye to eye. Where the US wants to do what's right for the environment, China sees an opportunity to demand concessions. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for more on China's climate change trap.

Jason Burmas - Does Anyone Actually Think Fauci Goes To Prison?

Daily Caller - Fauci RIPS College Football Fans. Is It Time To Ignore Him?

Mark Dice - Mark goes out to question the community again, always humorous. THIS SHOWS HOW HOPELESS OF A SITUATION WE ARE IN!

PragerU - Today, Will and Taylor are discussing the resignation of Portland State University professor Peter Boghossian with guest star Amala Ekpunobi, review Amala's appearance on Candace this week, a new Man On The Street video, a Lord of the Rings quiz and more! Make sure to tune in, like, comment, and share!

0:00 - Will’s Mustache Looks Racist? 1:54 - Portland State Professor RESIGNS Over University’s Indoctrination 24:40 - Reviewing Amala's Appearance on Candace This Week 31:12 - Reviewing Will’s New Man on The Street Video 38:17 - Dudes Posting Their W’s and Women Posting Their L’s 46:38 - Lord of the Rings Quiz

Candace Owens - James O'Keefe x Candace Owens Interview on The Candace Show - 09/07/2021

Richard Grove - Demystifying Present-Day Propaganda - Pete Quinones w/ Richard Grove | Free Man Beyond the Wall #627

Steven Crowder - Is the Texas Abortion Law PERFECT? Plus Fauci Emails & Covid LIES!

Tim Pool - COVID Unemployment ENDS For 7.5M People Igniting Fear Of Economic Meltdown, The Great Reset Is HERE. Many conservatives think that the end to unemployment benefits will end the labor shortage but that is just not correct. Many people have quit their jobs over personal reasons like family and career path. While the extended Biden benefits certainly played a role is some people refusing to get a job much of the great resignation is due to personal philosophy. Republicans still don't seem to understand what's happening culturally and its a safe bet that with the end of the eviction moratorium the economy may be facing total meltdown.

Timcast - Professor RESIGNS Citing University Indoctrinating Corrupt Wokeism, Peter Boghossian Says ENOUGH

We Are Change - This video breaks down the huge move made by Joe Rogan and the insane establishment reaction.

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