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The Start of ThyArt Report
Tim of ThyArt   01 Sep 2021 / updated: 01/Sep/2021

In Work: The processes of ThyArt Report are being learned at the moment in how Multiple sectioned topics are going to be handled, published, and updated. So this is the first round of this process to improvement. Later today this article should be finished, with future articles will remain unpublished until ready. So just be a bit tolerant with this topic as it progresses through the process.

Welcome to the ThyArt Report. This first issue is called "Red Pill". This issue's purpose is to awaken people to a planned future and the means to get there that many are not going to like. Just like past efforts in human history, this idea of some form of utopia always leads to mass murders and this one promises to be the big one that most people will be touched by in some way or another.

The Red Pill often associated with the Matrix Movie, defining the deference between blissfully ignorant and knowledgably stressed. The truth is stress filled and scary. It is not going to be one person named NEO that saves the world from this planned fate, but enough people willing to stand up, learn the truth, and join together and say "NO". Elsewise, everyone, everyone will suffer the fate to come.



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