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The Autonomist Vision
Tim of ThyArt   13 Jan 2022 / updated: 19/Jan/2022

19 Jan 2022: There is little time left before the next major tactic is placed upon us, we have no time to waste. To maintain the Podcast / news section would literally take a minimum of 8 hours every day. The Podcasts and News providers will be placed under Friends in the World War 3 section. This Automomist section will be put into the revised Tao Te ThyArt and the Autonomist Vision will be added to the World War 3 section along with the Entertainment section. My first prioriy is Climate Change as that is my expertise. That will take me until May 2022 to finalize the free presentation and update How Dare YOU! to the Gold Edition. Not doing the Podcast / News section will allow me to focus on the World War 3 section and to update Tao Te ThyArt to incorporate the Autonomist concept. I will likely get a Pro Zoom account to create Podcast for the section of ThyArt Society. We cannot win as a collective but we can win as a collective of individuals that take this personal.

Books Highlighted on Front page (Ordered by my priority):

Blah, Blah, BLAH! from How Dare YOU!:

In the year 2016 I again came to terms with myself of the monster I was up against. Rather than focus on the monster, I realized that Climate by Carbon Dioxide was their end goal of a scam and was provably wrong. For some reason 99.99% of the scientist were agreeing with the poor science or were avoiding looking at the real science of carbon dioxide and the atmosphere. How Dare YOU! is the complete destruction of the theory of warming by carbon dioxide and Blah, Blah, BLAH! is the free presentation put in a way with hopes a 12 year old can understand the truth about this subject.

Tao Te ThyArt:

Individualism, Autonomy! "Thy" as in respecting other people though their differences "Art" and as long as they are not interfering with the rights of others to be different, let them be. Updating this document to the Autonomist Vision is the highest of priorities, as we must become more powerful as individuals than the collectives that they build to battle each other while they take everything important away from us.

World War 3:

This is the war every person in the world is currently in. When done the world will be thrown under the control of the United Nations, a bankers tool for world domination under a tyrannical highly censored and controlled restrictive communities. This process will likely include the genocide of the non-compliant of literally hundreds of millions of people around the world. This project will start 1 Feb 2022.

ThyArt DARK:

Was create as a tool to provide the conversations that people should be having at the water cooler at work or at the dinner table at holidays to bring awareness to this effort by the Aristocrats. This book has over 500 pages complete with most set to review so they are not visible.The pages will be reviewed and more added starting 1 Feb 2022.

Utopia 2084:

This is to explain in a fiction, the real fear that the people of the world need to comprehend. What is unimaginable to those hypnotized by the television but is a idea of how the world should be and how to get there by the Aristocrats. This project will be the primary focus once How Dare YOU! goes GOLD, about 1 Jun 2022.

ThyArt Above Obesity:

In the year 2014, was the first time I began to question my intelligence of challenging this system that reigns a secretive control over the Earth. Having sat on my butt for 4 years, I was losing muscle mass but gaining weight. In the process of losing over 40 pounds of weight, I put together my findings figuring if I could not sell a book to awaken people to the monster getting ready to pounce on us I could help people have a better understanding of weight gain and obesity and provide some means to accomplish weight loss. This is that product and again I have become over consumed in research and have what fallen back into a term called submissive death, meaning not doing the things I know I should to prevent serious health problems. With that said, the year 2022 will be the year to get back on track and revise what was the 213-Diet to ThyArt Above Obesity.

Trashed Books:

In order to have time to focus on the above projects, many of the new books that I planned had to be trash canned. While these all would provide useful content, they are more than a single person can maintain.

12 Jan 2022: So this morning I created the front page book link images and must now create the web-books for the first 8. The hard part will be building the table of contents for each book but those can be improved over time (I will rough them up for the next TH meeting). The purpose is to direct us woken people to all the available content but also to provide entertainment as most entertainment becomes unenjoyable as it is tainted with their propaganda (We cannot afford losing people back to the television). The ThyArt DARK is linked as an example of a web-book I hope at the next Town-Hall meeting we can talk on ways to make this work to build the Grand Theft World community.

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