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Extinction of Humans by CO2

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The Truth! Bill Gates started a business called Microsoft where over a billion people would require his product, costing them a few thousand dollars in their life time; a one hundred billion dollar business. Rothschild and Rockefeller families created a business of financial support for a product that over 4 billion people WILL be forced to buy, costing each many tens of thousands of dollars in their life time; a one hundred trillion dollar business. One of these actually provides worth, the other is overall a lie. Do not worry about Bill Gates falling behind, he is well invested in Climate Change, the lie. The problem with you accepting the lie, is I will also have to pay for it, because without the majority voting "NO", that is my, our fate. In 1987, Edmond De Rothschild introduced his conversation banking program in Denver Colorado, to handle the transactions of environmental "sustainable development" such as installing renewable energy, that was the real birth of Agenda 21, the money system for Climate Change, its alive!

The price tag for these unreliable destructive renewable energy sources installed will reach 20 to 30 trillion dollars in the next two decades (5 trillion already), once installed every 25 years it all must be replaced. The math is 1 install of 25 trillion dollars with 3 replacements in this century equals (4 x 25 = 100) 100 TRILLION DOLLARS. That is just the renewable energy aspect of this scheme. All gasoline cars will be condemned within 15 years, an expenditure many will not be able to afford, leaving public transportation as their only option. A carbon tax will be placed on everything, eventually the full price tag will burden all the common people of the planet. The cost to most will add up to $50,000 minimum, more so to the young. Climate Change is just a small part of this war. The battles include a cashless world (likely CBDC and a digital USD), social / environmental credit system (currently ESG credit to public businesses (since about the year 1998, becoming more restrictive)), limited rights to speak (tech censorship), backwards education, forced lifetime taxation to pay for education, healthcare, carbon freedom, etc… (costs doubled compared to if one paid per use (socialism for the enslaved class (communism))). These are great as long as you agree with and comply with the system, else no money transactions allowed. Their means are fear, ignorance, pride, envy, greed, tolerance, and hate.

They have done their best to train us, you and me, about Climate Change in such a way that the picture drawn is too complex and your only demand is the politicians fix it immediately before it destroys our lives. Their fix is going to cost you in many ways to include about 4% of your income within the next 10 to 15 years as renewables become implemented. Their plan for fixing is going to damage the planet worse than the supposed problem. But it really is about giving the global elite control to the individual level through the United Nations. Learn what Agenda 21 is, this book is not a topic on Agenda 21. Enough talk on that as that is the real complexity of the conversation. This material has been put in the easiest possible way that completely destroys the theory that carbon dioxide causes global warming. If carbon dioxide cannot cause global warming than all the fear mongering is for their gain and our extreme loss, resulting in extreme damage to the planet.

Teachers do not make that great of money and they will be hurt just as much as this is implemented. It is time to accept the truth. LEARN THE TRUTH SO TO STOP TEACHING THE CHILDREN LIES!

This document's purpose it to provide the conclusion of the science toward the role of carbon dioxide in modifying the climate.

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