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Extinction of Humans by CO2

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Overview of How Dare YOU!
Tim of ThyArt   09 Oct 2021 / updated: 06/Jan/2022

Blah, Blah, BLAH! is in the works. It will be designed as a 1 minute presentation (mostly the highlights for talking points with friends and family), 3 and 5 minute presentations designed to be presented to committees such as Congress, and a full presentation for a complete debunking of the theory of warming by carbon dioxide. The document will be under $10 and the presentation slides (1, 3, & 5 minute) will be uploaded in high resolution to various places for free download. Update: The free presentation slides will now include the text on the slides making them self explanatory.

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Basics to Science
Natural Cycles
Infrared and CO2
Clear Sky Energy Balance
Cloudy Sky Energy Balance
Water Vapor Cycle
Destroying the Dogma
Bad Mainstream Science
Bad Responses

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