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On May 8th this book will be available on Smashwords. While website changes are made this web-book has been set to members only.

Much of the content will remain available on the website and the Volume One on Smashwords will contain what is important to understanding Climate Change and WILL BE FREE!

The goal of ThyArt Above Climate Change is to infect what is without doubt a lie with enough truths that it damages the health of the lie. The lie will not die easily if it is even possible to kill it. Behind it are names like Rothschild and Rockefeller, along with the banking / central banking community. Their real goal has nothing to do with climate but wealth and power control, preventing oil rich countries from becoming contenders and grabbing land for their later reconstruction of civilization with them owning and controlling land no matter the country. They control the media, they control stocks in most oil companies as well as most renewable energy companies (a win-win), they control the social media, where there is power or the ability to spread mass propaganda they have a controlling hand. Some of the information on this page will be repeated in the following documents of this effort.

Their strategy set in Agenda 21 was to steal the children, now 25 years later the world is faced with what may be the biggest crime placed on almost every individual in the world.

Climate Change is about POWER: There are a few families that rule through the power that is passed down gained from royal roots, banking, monopolized industries, and resources such as oil. Through trust funds and NGOs they insure their legacy to continue.  Two concerns over their stability of control are competing money and population growth concerns. Climate Change confronts both of these. Oil is being found almost everywhere making it anybody’s or any country’s wealth, causing a need to shift from its use and a need to demonize it as bad for the Earth. These Elite have for centuries relied on an Elite Intellectual class coming from the most prestigious of universities. The solution for those rich, the royalty, and the powerful is to counsel the most educated of people into what many now know as Non-Governmental Offices (NGOs). Examples of these entities are Carnegie, Rockefeller, Chatham House, Ford, Brookings, Bill & Melinda Gates, Heritage, etc...; there are literally thousands of these institutes providing elitism to selected Intellectuals. These intellectuals are used to help the Elite maintain their power and control, creating the propaganda and rhetoric to sway the population towards their interests and agendas. The Agenda from the United Nations was named Agenda 21 with one of its concerns being Global Warming by the nasty molecule called carbon dioxide. The Elite Intellectuals in the top positions of the NGOs, institutes, and universities defined the curriculum for the next generation of students. Now about 30 years later, the world is run at almost every level by individuals trained on the story of Global Destruction by carbon dioxide.

MUST WATCH, this video as an introduction to the crime.

To the ThyArt Above Climate Change Facebook page: It is not a problem disproving the theory but to be able to open the minds of friends and family. Every approach becomes too long and too complex for someone 12 years old, meaning it will be ineffective at reaching most people that have little interest in the subject (yet they believe climate change is real (with the politicians and scientists have their back in the end)).

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Treason Presentation / Introduction - Tim of ThyArt

Get the 400 page Above Climate Change 101 for FREE! VIEW-ARTICLE

Sum of Conclusions

Treason Presentation / Cost of a LIE - Tim of ThyArt

It is warmer naturally and it is going to get warmer for the next 150 years or more. Pulling oil and coal from the ground and burning them does increase carbon products to the surface such as carbon dioxide. More CO2 in the atmosphere will not cause any more warming. VIEW-ARTICLE

Lie of a Lie of a Lie for Chaotic Control

Treason Presentation / Cost of a LIE - Tim of ThyArt

Many people know that Climate Change by CO2 is a lie, but they know it is for progression to sustainability of the Earth and humanity called Agenda 21. Some even believe murder may be acceptable for population control for sustainability. Some see through this lie and know it is not sustainability of the planet but one order that rules over all through diversity, but that is a lie of all lies. This order of ages survives through chaos, and there will never be order in division. They push, hate, they push pride, they push greed, they push ignorance, and fear is their primary tool. Their order comes from chaos. VIEW-ARTICLE

Appendix - No Global Warming

Treason Presentation / Appendix - Tim of ThyArt

No Global Warming: This is mostly worthless data due to urban heat island effects, location of sensor often moved have moved, type of sensor and equipment are changed, data is being compensated to benefit the lie, older records questionably are being disqualified, and most important record temperatures are 99% weather not climate, with one daily high having a difference from a degree to over 10 degrees from the previous and following day. VIEW-ARTICLE

Appendix - Coming Ice Age

Treason Presentation / Appendix - Tim of ThyArt

Back when the LCE-2 cycle was negative (cold period 1960s through 1970s), the talk was of a coming ice age as the cooler period was obvious. The news was pouring out stories of a coming ice age. VIEW-ARTICLE

Appendix - Sea Level Lowering

Treason Presentation / Appendix - Tim of ThyArt

There is no real coverage of the Earth concerning sea level conditions. Most of the data is sporadic and often where humans have settled causing its own inconsistencies. It is easy to select the sea level gauges that match the rhetoric. It is not provable as a fact that the sea is rising or that it is lowering, it is just a matter of selecting the gauges that fit the story that one wants to portray. VIEW-ARTICLE

Appendix - Green New Deal

Treason Presentation / Appendix - Tim of ThyArt

This Green New Deal is a means to hook onto the environmental effort and push socialism. Worse, it actually lies to accentuate problems that have local realities as global or have situational justification. The list of congress people below are traitors to the system set up by the founding fathers. Ask one to look over this and come to your own conclusion if the is a document that is concerned with the environment and provides any answers to the problems it suggest exists VIEW-ARTICLE

Appendix - Unit Conversions

Treason Presentation / Appendix - Tim of ThyArt

While this document is not to educate the reader on units and converting from one standard of units to another, it is important that the reader comprehend the terms being used and why. More often Metric units are used in science, easier to work with, accepted as the standard, and are easier to relate the numbers to their effect. VIEW-ARTICLE

Appendix - Abbreviations and terms

Treason Presentation / Appendix - Tim of ThyArt

Abbreviations and terms used in document VIEW-ARTICLE

Appendix - Trigonometric Functions

Treason Presentation / Appendix - Tim of ThyArt

The trigonometric functions can be defined in terms of particular ratios of sides to a right triangle. VIEW-ARTICLE

Government Incentives and Subsidies

Treason Presentation / Cost of a LIE - Tim of ThyArt

The amount of money from the United States going to oil subsidies has been around 5 billion dollars per year for the last few years, while subsidies for renewable energy have been over 10 billion dollars. Renewable subsidies are great for global corporations and bankers while setting middle class and utilities up on a shady path of green energy that may have serious consequences that the lower income will suffer from. VIEW-ARTICLE

The Scam of the Paris Accords from Taxes

Treason Presentation / Cost of a LIE - Tim of ThyArt

Paris agreement is nothing more than the biggest part of the Climate Change scam. The United Nations should be processed for this crime that claims to be non-binding and without required commitment. This is a lawyer created crime with no commitment until some foolish president or ruler signs the dotted line, then the whole of the country is committed through contract to abide by every word of obligation. Every nation needs to run quickly from this contract immediately. VIEW-ARTICLE

It is the Sun Stupid

Treason Presentation / Bad Responses - Tim of ThyArt

No doubt, there would be no warmth and no life on Earth if it were not for the energy from the sun. But to blame it all on the sun as a counter leaves one open to valid scrutiny. There is enough approaches and facts that destroy the greenhouse gas theory of CO2 warming the Earth by any worthy amount. We need to make our arguments deadly and final. We need to win this conversation before it becomes a crime to speak against this topic that will cost most every person valuable money. VIEW-ARTICLE

Wind Turbines are killing Raptors

Treason Presentation / Ignorant Truths - Tim of ThyArt

Wind turbines kill specifically predatory birds such as hawks, owls, and eagles that use wind turbines as perches. These birds reproductive cycle is years to maturity compared to months for the common smaller birds. That is comparing killing domestic cats to killing mountain lions in the USA. Wind turbines are not located in most places in the USA, but as wind turbines become more populous across the world, these predatory birds will suffer greatly, possibly increasing disease potential rodents. VIEW-ARTICLE

Dams are Destroying the Environment

Treason Presentation / Ignorant Truths - Tim of ThyArt

Dams are being removed purposely as fast as possible. No dam is safe from these retards. Agenda 21 from the year 1992 condemned dams as unsustainable. Since almost every environmental group has jumped onboard to find reason to condemn every dam. Dams provide flood control, drought, control, fresh water reserves, sustained versatility to wildlife, and the potential of creating electricity. Dams present climate change as a lie it is, being the best form of renewable energy. VIEW-ARTICLE

Early Expeditions of Ships

Treason Presentation / Provable Science - Tim of ThyArt

There is complexity in trying to give a straight answer to just saying ships have sailed through the Northwest Passage for over one hundred years now. There is more knowledge of ice trends and data from satellites to aid in making an expedition through the Northwest Passage successful. Even today, there is no guarantee that these paths will be open for travel in September. VIEW-ARTICLE

Greenland Ice Loss Summary

Treason Presentation / Provable Science - Tim of ThyArt

Greenland is in over stability of ice mass that is fluctuating in mass that relates to the massive accumulation during the year with only one means to lose mass being glaciers. Due to the speed of glaciers and the required pressure to support their movement, Greenland cycles between a period of gaining mass that adds the pressure, to a period of excess pressure accelerating glaciers to lose mass; overall no change. VIEW-ARTICLE

Glaciers are Slow

Treason Presentation / Provable Science - Tim of ThyArt

Accumulation near the center of the ice sheet has hundreds of miles to travel taking thousands of years to become calved off from a glacier. VIEW-ARTICLE

Greenland is a Mountain of Ice

Treason Presentation / Provable Science - Tim of ThyArt

Greenland's altitude of the ice sheet creates an environment where ice at the summit cannot melt without an increase in the normal average temperature of the Earth by 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (18C to 30C). VIEW-ARTICLE

Greenland loss to Glaciers

Treason Presentation / Provable Science - Tim of ThyArt

Greenland has very few outlets where Glaciers are concerningly fast moving, making Greenland ice mass loss through glaciers overall unconcerning. VIEW-ARTICLE

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