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1-6 Greenland is not Melting Away - Introduction
Tim of ThyArt   06 Mar 2019 / updated: 06/Mar/2019

GREENLAND Part 1 of 6

Why Greenland: If anyone tells you that Greenland is losing ice and this ice loss is causing the sea level to rise, your response to them should be, "Do you know what you are talking about?", followed with the information provided here, make them feel foolish for listening to someone that told them incorrect information. Greenland is the world's largest island by classification. Three-quarters of Greenland is covered by one of only two permanent ice sheets on Earth; the other is Antarctica. If ALL of this ice were to melt into the sea surrounding Greenland it could possibly raise the Earth’s sea levels up by approximately 7 meters (23 feet). The purpose of this content is definitively to prove Greenland as a non-player in the Climate Change rhetoric and that Greenland will not cause concerning sea level rise in the next thousand years.  Greenland accumulation by snow, rain freezing, and condensation is more than its loss to melt and evaporation by around 350 Gigatons per year. Greenland claimed net loss of 200 Gigatons is mostly due to glaciers that are questionable numbers. But even at 200Gt, this net loss is unconcerning as the Greenland ice mass is 2,880,000Gt; at this rate would take 14,000 years to lose all its ice mass, but glaciers would slow and stop due to lack of forcing from less mass and the design of the Greenland landscape. Greenland causing concerning sea level raise is a lie to promote an Agenda.

Greenland is only one of two locations that ice can add concerning sea level rise. Greenland is claimed to be the primary factor in the current sea level rise.

The Fear of what is to Come: The stories read that the Greenland ice melting and glaciers calving into the ocean will cause the sea level to rise as much as a meter (3 feet) in the next 100 years. The images in the news and across the Internet are of large coastal cities engulfed by the surrounding water. According to the scientist supporting this idea, this rise in sea level will place many populated areas under water affecting tens of millions of people in the near future. Most of this sea level rise predicted is to come from Greenland's ice sheet melting or calving glaciers or from the doomsday fantasies that Antarctica ice is going to fall off in a large chunk. The claims are that if Climate Change is not stopped and carbon dioxide reduced from the atmosphere, eventually all the ice on Greenland will be lost to melt and icebergs resulting in 7 meters (23ft) of sea level rise. In Accordance with these so called scientists, this affect will become exponentially worse and soon will be serious but also unstoppable, demanding a cry for urgency.

All the mainstream media outlets, entertainment, and popular science entities are pushing this fear of sea level rise by carbon dioxide induced Climate Change. Are they truthful or bowing to greater money?

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