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Intro - Science Primer
Tim of ThyArt   03 Dec 2019 / updated: 03/Dec/2019

Can a person blindly accept Climate Change by carbon dioxide without knowing some science?

One must have a basic understanding of the science and the terms relating to infrared, climate, and the factors that control climate to come to their own conclusions on what is true, what is false, and what is outright ignorance concerning the relationship to carbon dioxide and its effect on the climate. When the experts become liars for greed that cannot be relied upon, the truth must come from elsewhere.

Most science formulas equate out to approximations of the real world.  This means with science we can get an educated guess of what will happen in real world application but it takes experimentation to provide accurate answers.

This section is about provable science that matches common sense that matters toward the resolution of these two questions: "Does increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere retain energy that results in the Earth being globally warmer?" and "Is Carbon from fuels causing all the problems claimed?"

[1] All properties of carbon dioxide and infrared must be analyzed correctly in order to evaluate what happens when the amount of carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere. Surfaces emit more correctly in what is called Lamberts Cosine Law, with lesser amount of energy emitted parallel to the surface. [2] Carbon dioxide as a gas emits in a spherical pattern in all directions, [3] like a cloud. This is important as 50% of the energy emitted mostly goes horizontal, 25% goes up, and 25% goes down, after rounds of absorption followed by re-emittance, the most going downward is 50% without any factors that lower it. Those factors when evaluated reduce it to less than 15% going downward.

[4] Often times the power is represented as a curve mathematically shaped to match Planck's Law. The original is a spectral brightness plot and is than calibrated to the Planck's curve of choice to a supposed Watts / meter squared / steradian.

[5] Evidence in science is not only from scientific experimentation, but also from history records. Writers and authors have recorded the extremely cold events called the Little Ice Age and warm periods called the Medieval Warm Period. No matter how many temperature reconstructs are created they do not override the fact that 400 years ago it was colder and 1000 years ago it was warmer, likely warmer than today. Science must use all available resources, validating to the most reliable means over questionable testing or unjust assumption.

[6] There are many factors that are known to have influence on the climate such as sunspots, orbital motions / angles, ocean oscillations, gravitational, magnetic forces, etc... Every factor must be evaluated for how it affects climate without allowing ignorance to corrupt the end result. Sad to say, most of what is ignorance is purposeful that any low IQ scientist could see through.

Tim LeClair - "One taught wrong is faced with an illusion, if believes it, it becomes delusion, if it becomes incontestable, it is retardation."

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