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Tim of ThyArt   03 Dec 2019 / updated: 03/Dec/2019

Does science prove or disprove Climate Change?

While this document discredits science as perfect, science when not purposely abused or feebly used with ignorance, science is amazing, creating the greatness that humanity has progressed to become. There is some hardcore science that coupled with geometry and trigonometry literally destroys the theory of Climate Change by CO2. The science is backed by real life examples in the devices of science but more so in many common products that are used in the household.

While this document discredits science as perfect, science when not purposely abused or feebly used ignorantly, science is amazing creating the greatness that humanity has progressed to become.

[1] Pressure and density matter concerning the absorption of infrared, decreasing rapidly with altitude. Also, the absorption in one direction is equal in the opposite direction, meaning if, at a CO2 level if by 150 meters altitude 50% is absorbed going upward, the same path, 50% will be absorbed going downward, Therefore to double CO2 in the atmosphere would result in little to no added infrared forcing back to the Earth's surface.

[2] Under the theory of kinetics, molecules collide in the atmosphere at around 4,000 to 400,000 times at speeds of near 1,000 miles per hour before a CO2 will spontaneously emit absorbed radiation, this resulting in a loss of this energy to other molecules in the atmosphere. This transfer is proven in laser technology and used as a means of transferring energy from Nitrogen to CO2 to excite it, and from CO2 to Helium (He) as a means of returning the CO2 to ground state, and from the He to the outer wall of laser for cooling purposes. A worthy amount of the energy CO2 absorbs is not re-emitted.

[3] While the scientists hide the truth about the absorption of CO2, real world test equipment such as FTIR provide proofs on CO2 absorption of infrared. In order for the FTIR to provide an accurate reading of a specimen, it must cancel out the background atmosphere, sampling it dozens of time with most these instruments displaying enlightening results.  There are many FTIR background samples out there for near one meter distance, and the amount of energy absorbed by CO2 is pathetically miniscule.

[4] If one uses classroom physics for determining conduction from the Earth's surface to the atmosphere, the numbers will not be useable. Even a slight wind breaks down the temperature gradient between the surface and the air; this greatly increases the temperature transfer rate from the surface to the atmosphere. Wind over land normally averages 3 to 10 mph while over the ocean averages 7 to 20 mph. Wind can increase transfer rate by 10 to even 100 times what the formula for calculating a motionless air indicates.

There is a big difference between classroom science and real world application.

Temperature measurements in a fluid such as the atmosphere or ocean are worthless for trending a global average temperature; but it displays a lack of intelligence in science.

Tim LeClair – “science can be so very accurate, but with ignorance, so wrong”

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