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Tim of ThyArt   03 Dec 2019 / updated: 03/Dec/2019

Is your conversation winning the war against the lie or just creating more worthless battles?

Crushing the lie of Climate Change immediately is seriously important. We do not need to have idle conversation that does not stop this crime. Every year that passes is more children brainwashed into the lie becoming the next round of adults supporting this crime. Every year is another year unreliable costly renewables are being put up and coal, gas, & oil plants destroyed with no cheap means to undo the damage caused.

Crushing the lie of Climate Change immediately is seriously important. We do not need to have idle conversation that does not stop this crime.

[1] A GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM IS COMING! NO! Even NASA is speculating that we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum, where the Earth becomes naturally colder comparable to as it was around the year 1600 in a time called the Little Ice Age. Why? NASA is full out Climate Change propaganda, claiming the world is going to cool plays into the rhetoric, because a lesser cycle is going to cause a cooling equal to the 1960s and 1970s, not the 1100 year much colder cycle that was low from 1500s through 1700s. NASA can say, "See it should be much colder but Climate Change is keeping the world warmer than it should be in this Grand Solar Minimum". Just means to maintain the LIE and the CRIME called Climate Change while the Earth does not warm enough to back the rhetoric.  

[2] Who the heck has been to Venus able to compare it to Earth? Even the few devices sent to Venus have provided extremely poor data, both in quality and quantity. The idiots called scientists have a problem understanding the Earth's atmosphere never mind an atmosphere from another planet. Both sides of the conversation are based on ignorance and stupidity.

[3] Volcanoes have been erupting for billions of years. While even a large volcano eruption has minimal long term effect locally on the climate, the whole of the Earth it is miniscule if even measurable. This is just another distracter to waste time.

[4] The story that CO2 is only 0.04% of the atmosphere and is incapable of causing any worthy retention of infrared sounds correct. In one meter length line, infrared in the atmosphere goes through the path of 12,400 CO2 molecules, not so miniscule.

[5] Do not get lost in semantics. The words Climate Change is rarely used without tense (present, past, or future), Climate Change is a purposely created buzzword that means human caused change in the climate, please grasp that before you say you believe in Climate Change. Do not be petty, unless the words just do not fit.

[6] The subject of chemtrails no matter the conversation is just distraction and digression from the science that matters. It is well known that sulfur substances provide a more persistent fog (cloud), with aircraft fuels being allowed 50 times more sulfur; this may alone explain the persistent "contrails". Yes, geo-engineering is proven as happening but it is digression from winning the war against the lie of Climate Change by CO2.

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