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Carbon Dioxide on trial Opening Defense
Tim of ThyArt   03 Dec 2019 / updated: 03/Dec/2019

Is Carbon Dioxide guilty of Global Warming?

There are many words spoken that using oil and coal will create a worthy amount of warming of the Earth and cause catastrophic damage to life on the planet. These words are common household conversations presented to every person through their television, enforced by the education system. Why do the creators of this rhetoric fail to show up to debate the science, because it is flawed! The fact is the words spoken would never stand up in a court of law; that would be perjury.

There are claims that an increase in CO2 can cause worthy warming of the Earth that could result in changes that could damage the livability of the planet in catastrophic ways.

[1] Visible collusion: There have been recorded meetings and email leaks exposing some of the most powerful people in the world and a well connected science community involvement in collusion. Governmental agencies provably are purposely coordinating deceptive efforts between them creating and sharing manipulated and fabricated data as if it were unquestionable. These entities are sharing information that is known incorrect.

[2] Leading tactics: In the efforts to spread this lie of warming by CO2, the scientists, the professors, the K-12 curriculum, the news outlets, the science outlets are using leading questions, then following it with the resultant incorrect answer to deceive their audience in believing lies. This tactic has been standard in the education system by trusted teachers and professors. The children are the victims and will be their own executioners.

[3] Bad Science: Science has been abused and an allowance toward ignorance is the only means to conclude that raising CO2 from 350ppmv to even as high as 1200ppmv could result in any worthy or even noticeable warming. Science does not support the theory of global warming by either carbon dioxide or methane.

[4] Provable Data Fraud: NASA, NOAA, and many claimed scientists have manipulated the data beyond recognition of the original raw data. Fortunately, many people are capturing the claims and the original data, exposing the fraud from these entities.

[5] Outright Lies: Many people and many entities are lying and they would not dare take Climate Change to the court systems, as their whole argument relies on what would be perjury (lying under oath). But yet everyday in the news they spread these lies.

[6] Incorrect correlations: Correlations are being made that are at best assumptions, but most are exaggerations that are then correlated to the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. There is no correlation that CO2 causes a global warming above 400ppmv.

[7] Agendas: Through the United Nations, Agenda 21 laid the ground works for not only sustainable development but more so the economics toward funding this agenda. The agendas when one looks closer they all benefit the banks in monetary gains and land grabs. If it truly were about population, the solution would not be solar or wind.

[8] Follow the money: In the last 10 years alone over 3 trillion dollars has been spent on just the renewable energy aspect of sustainable development.

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