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Exposing the Illusion of Climate Change
Tim of ThyArt   03 Dec 2019 / updated: 03/Dec/2019

Does the science support the theory?

This is a brief overview of how physics, trigonometry, and geometry destroy the theory of warming by CO2. CO2 effects about 64 Watts initially retained at 400ppmv of CO2 in the atmosphere. Abiding by properties of absorption, the most that can go down is 50%, that is ignorant of humidity, density, conduction to molecules in the air, clouds, and pressure narrowing with altitude, reducing the forcing to the ground to less than 20W/m2, and to nothing with an overcast sky.

Those that support the Doomer Theory of warming by CO2 hate to provide usable numbers, preferring to disassociate the numbers through terms such as anomaly and relative to something.  They seem to hate referencing data to a zero reference point. The forcing to the ground by CO2 varies depending on the study one chooses to accept, often between the range 28W/m2 to 33W/m2, with the more accepted answer in the Doomer collective as 32W/m2. Often they will reference this to preindustrial supposed forcing setting that the zero relative point. Fact is this is provable to be a total LIE!

[1] While a property of reflection could send more than half downwards, absorption by CO2 when re-emitted will go outward randomly in any direction giving a 25% of up or 25% going down, or 50% of going horizontal. No matter the number of times the infrared is re-emitted the overall downward probability ends up 50%. [2] Absorption is equal in all directions, that means if half the energy is absorbed is at an altitude of say 100 meters, that infrared emitted from an altitude of 100 meters downward only half would make it to the surface without being absorbed by CO2 (COMMON SENSE). Since the infrared is overall going up the 50% horizontal is actually 30 to 300 meters above the surface (wavelength dependent). [3] Humidity (H2O(g)) steals a worthy part of the energy that could possibly be absorbed by CO2 and more so over oceans and wetter tropical climates. Some of this infrared will be returned to CO2 but a good part of the energy is convected upwards and is released as latent heat at altitude that it provides more of a cooling. [4] Once the energy is absorbed by CO2, there are between 4,000 (climate science) to 400,000 (CO2 laser tech manuals) collisions prior to that infrared being emitted, with a good chance that it will be transferred to oxygen or nitrogen warming the atmosphere. With the lapse rate, warm air is distributed upward, in a process that expands it, giving appearance of cooler. [5] Then there were clouds. Clouds are consider non-players as they are a floating graybody that absorbs infrared from all directions and emits infrared in all directions. Their ignorance is clouds emit infrared upward for a cooling, so clouds do not matter, but that is ignorant, for clouds interfere with and even nullify the effects of CO2, [6] simply, with a cloud covered sky no infrared is escaping directly from the Earth's surface. Light clouds or partly cloudy skies will prevent 1% to 19% of the Earth emitted infrared from directly escaping. Without CO2, the average infrared that would reach the surface from clouds would be 30W/m2 more. CO2 is a joke, a sad joke that is a scam with a potential of 100 trillion dollars to the bankers, and you along with all the other common people in the world paying for it in more ways than just money. Many other factors also reduce the 64 watts to less than 10W/m2 including density and spectral broadening.

This video is a pathetic example of the liars preaching to children.

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