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Tony Heller and what Scientists Say
Tim of ThyArt   03 Dec 2019 / updated: 03/Dec/2019

How many of the more than 8 million scientists said what is claimed that scientists say?

The words “scientists say” can mean as few as two scientists, it could mean a million scientists. What does “scientists” mean? Scientists is a extremely broad term that can equal a student practicing science or the top level corporate scientist on the cutting edge of discoveries. "Scientists say" is nothing more than a buzzword to blindly accept what is to be presented next, often with deceit as the main objective, simply a lie to come!

Soon the term scientist will become shamed! Many scientists will jump onboard supporting the real science that carbon dioxide does not cause any measurable warming to the Earth’s surface. While my credentials do not speak incontestability in my writings, no one with superior credentials should be incontestable. A consensus is not a scientific term, only political; science is not a voting process. I ask that if you are a scientist, to go through this document, I have attempted to look at Climate Change and the science involved to expose all factors to reduce the ignorant science, find something that you feel you can improve and run with it, create your own book, publish papers to the scientific journals, make the truths more accurate and make them known.

If the scientists rise above the lies tainting their title with the bad science, that will leave news anchors, politicians, teachers, professors, and many celebrities that are spreading the lies looking extremely ignorant. One voice can be silenced, but 100,000 scientific papers will scream! If immediately one million scientists put up a short paper, the world will know. Currently the term “scientists” has become worthless. Sadly, those that qualify as a scientist, an engineer, a technician are not standing up for their reputation that these scientific Journals are destroying with their corrupt peer review system. You as a scientist need to make a stance and protect your reputation.

There is a video link at the bottom of each page. Most times these videos enhance the topic and help to get a better grasp of the material to the reader.

It is strongly recommended to watch Why Big Oil Conquered the World by Corbett Report, “Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version” on “John Anthony” YouTube channel, and to watch most of the videos on the Tony Heller YouTube channel. The videos by Tony Heller display his research at evaluating the data and also historical records to include news clippings of past record temperatures and heat waves. Tony Heller does the best at exposing that most the warming is brainwashed in our heads with ignorance to the past. Simply put, he exposes that the data does not match the story. He exposes the BLATANT fraud by NASA and NOAA.

So how many scientists does it take to screw in a light bulb? As for the light bulb question, I think the scientists are still working on the peer review for that paper. There may not be enough scientists in the world to accomplish this task.

Dr. Mototaka Nakamura - “[The models have] no understanding of cloud formation / forcing.” … “Our models are mickey-mouse mockeries of the real world.”

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