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Bernie Sanders a true Politician
Tim of ThyArt   05 Dec 2019 / updated: 05/Dec/2019

Is it okay for a politician to lie playing off the innocence of the young?

Bernie Sanders is a typical politician saying what people want to hear, knowing he would have no power to make good on such promises. The biggest issue is he is a hard core Climate Change retarded. Bernie is an old fart that has been in Politics his whole life and has little to stand proud upon. Bernie mostly builds his campaign on empty promises that sound great to the ignorance of the young making impossible hollow promises.

Bernie Sanders is a typical politician, Says what people want to hear knowing he would have no power to make good on such promises. The biggest issue is he is a hard core Climate Change retarded. One example is his 2016 leadership staff was behind the discovery and creation of what is known as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal.

Bernie random tweets of ignorance (in just a few days):

[1] Bernie where was it the hottest month ever? Bernie is quick to spread the propaganda lies from the media and puts up false or unweighted figures as examples to money that could go to this problem he believes Climate Change is.

[2] Billionaires should pay Social Security. Before Bernie tweets about Social Security, he should know how it works. Likely he does, with this as overall playing off the ignorance of his following. Suggest his followers get an understanding of the Social Security system as many people get bit at retirement with too little a check.

[3] Bernie plans to remove all student debt. I suggest Bernie have the government not only cancel everyone's student loan debt also cancel everyone's mortgages too. That would only be fair. These people have made contracts with banks, owing these banks money. Where is the money to come from?

[4] Bernie demands that the minimum wage be raised to $15. Hey Bernie, you might want to practice what you preach as in giving your staff a livable income, and maybe less than a 60 hour work week so they have some life to live.

[5] Bernie claims to be pharmaceutical's worst nightmare. FUNNY! Bernie the pharmaceutical industry is out of control, are you taking credit? You have been in federal politics since 1991; you have accomplished nothing as that beast is out of control.

[6] Bernie claims that the Walmart family makes money more in a minute than do all the Walmart works in a year. Walmart operating income for all of 2019 was about 22 billion dollars for all of the year 2019. In the US alone Walmart employs 1.5 million. Bernie, there are 525,000 minutes in a year. Bernie needs to learn math or better yet stop lying to his audience. Bernie is just your standard politician.

Bernie will be full out Climate Retard for the Global Corporations and Bankers.


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Bernie Comes Clean!

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