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Celebrities and fools for Climate Change
Tim of ThyArt   05 Dec 2019 / updated: 05/Dec/2019

How damaging are celebrities to the truth if they are delusioned into a concern that is just a lie?

Many celebrities in the entertainment world have a following of millions of fans, just waiting to hear about their latest news. Often these celebrities will feel motivated to stand up for what they view as a problem, voicing their demand for action. Climate Change is a provable lie that if one overcomes the delusion that it is too complex for their brain, they can do honest research and find the truth that it is a lie and a crime!

I can only respect the good heart of celebrities that through their audience promote change for better. The subject of Climate Change by CO2 seems to fool scientists that fail to truly research the science behind the ignorance, and maybe some plausibly incapable of seeing through the ignorance. Therefore, it is easy to understand how someone assuming the conversation is above their knowledge, to believe the scientists that are glorified are truthful and without need for challenge, so they accept the illusion as gospel. The questions beg, are they illusioned, delusional, retarded, or are they criminal? Does their job depend on taking a stance or taking a stance to reinvent their career, or do they just ignorantly believe in Climate Change maybe to the point of being incontestable? Only they know!

Jane Fonda “I have been a climate scientist for decades and decades, but it was Greta…” Who in their right mind would make a lie like that?

Leonardo DiCaprio - "play fictitious characters often solving fictitious problems. I believe mankind has looked at climate change in the same way, as if it were a fiction." Leo, the world has spent over 3 trillion dollars in renewable energies in the last ten years. That is enough to pay for all disasters by weather in that time.

Entertainers are often of an extreme mindset that most cannot imagine with the thought that most think just like normal working people. It is not only a desire to be in the focus but also a fear of not being the focus. It is not just narcissism, but also a need for external attention. They justify themselves by finding causes and have motivated the masses to resolve serious problems that would else wise remain. It is a mixture of good and bad, but personally, it is just hype to build their esteem or relaunch their career. MOST HAVE GREAT INTENT AND BELIEVE WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS FOR THE BETTER. Sometimes the cause is not quite so correct or so noble beyond the surface, though the celebrity attaches to the promise of a utopian outcome. Socialism is one of these that sounds so perfect, but is just ignorance, of the outcome. Socialism is no different from last century when it killed over 100 million people. Climate Change is a lie, but a crime by people that control celebrities’ careers, speaking against it is risky to business. Many celebrities have made great money and they are invested in the rhetoric of Climate Change, getting you to believe in the story is money in their pocket. They need to learn the truth.

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Jane Fonda on climate change

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