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Dams are Destroying the Environment
Tim of ThyArt   30 Apr 2020 / updated: 30/Apr/2020

How are dams damaging the environment?

Dams are being removed purposely as fast as possible. No dam is safe from these retards. Agenda 21 from the year 1992 condemned dams as unsustainable. Since almost every environmental group has jumped onboard to find reason to condemn every dam. Dams provide flood control, drought, control, fresh water reserves, sustained versatility to wildlife, and the potential of creating electricity. Dams present climate change as a lie it is, being the best form of renewable energy.

In their words: EarthLawCenter.Org "The United States has 9,265 dams, second only to China which has a staggering 23,842.  With climate change causing water shortages and storm surges, this might seem like good news. Dams store water, provide renewable energy and prevent floods. Unfortunately, they also worsen the impact of climate change. They release greenhouse gases, destroy carbon sinks in wetlands and oceans, deprive ecosystems of nutrients, destroy habitats, increase sea levels, waste water and displace poor communities." Their last words are almost completely opposite of reality!

Humanity has since the beginning of records set up their communities along the edges of large rivers that provide a source of fresh water. Over time humans developed technology, incorporated dams and plumbing that allowed year round living for large communities in locations that were before unsupportive. Dams allow retention of stream water and small rivers to control the flow from going directly to the ocean. Often these water ways decrease or even dry up for a large part of the year, but when dammed actually creates lakes and increase the food versatility to the surrounding land, this lake would have been water poured into the salty waters of the oceans contaminating it from direct usage for most land species. Dams created means for civilization to live further upstream coupled with plumbing greatly expanded where humans can exist in large communities.

What dams also do is provide drought control, providing water in land that would naturally dry up in the summer months. The lakes created helped put moisture in the air providing higher humidity and rain to the local area reducing drought conditions. On the other side was uncontrolled rivers in the spring caused by melting mountain snow resulted in annual flooding, some of epic scale. Dams provided a means of maintaining a steady rate of release downstream, providing a means to reduce not only the number of floods but also the amount of damage caused by the flooding. Another benefit of dams is they can be used to create electricity, the best form of renewable energy available.

Someone has to have something mentally wrong with them to hate the innovation and advantages that dams provide. But dam removal is a part of Agenda 21 by the United Nations. The thousand dams (1,275) removed in the last few decades have contributed to worse droughts, water shortages, and floods in the United States. Anyone that lost their home to flood over the last decade needs to do an evaluation of the dams upstream, the dam removals, and the management of its levels maintained prior to spring to ensure they were not accidently or purposely over filled prior to spring melt season.


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