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Appendix - Trigonometric Functions
Tim of ThyArt   30 Apr 2020 / updated: 30/Apr/2020

Trigonometric functions:

The trigonometric functions can be defined in terms of particular ratios of sides to a right triangle.

From the angle the line that is longest, which also does not intersect with the right angle is called the hypotenuse, the line that does is referred to as the adjacent, the line opposite of the angle, it is called the opposite. The Greek Theta symbol (θ) is used to represent the angle. Such as the tangent of Theta could be represented as tanθ, which is equal to y/x (opposite / adjacent). If the angle of measurement is 30 degrees to the top of a tree in question and we have a distance of 100 feet we can use basic algebra to conclude y = x (tanθ), or 100ft times 0.58 (look tangent of 30 degrees up on tangent chart), for an height of the tree of 58 feet.

This is just a simple use for trigonometry, but trigonometry has many uses and is good to know in analyzing many situations.





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