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Appendix - No Global Warming
Tim of ThyArt   30 Apr 2020 / updated: 30/Apr/2020

No Global Warming: This is mostly worthless data due to urban heat island effects, location of sensor often moved have moved, type of sensor and equipment are changed, data is being compensated to benefit the lie, older records questionably are being disqualified, and most important record temperatures are 99% weather not climate, with one daily high having a difference from a degree to over 10 degrees from the previous and following day. The squiggly temperature line clearly indicates room for over 50% more daily record highs of 2 to 3 degrees without being anything special from the highest record plus or minus a week of it. Simply, a 98F record set today for the third day of the month is not special if on the fifth 2 days later has a 101F record set 50 years ago.

These are actual charts created from data from NOAA. This is complex chart that literally has 366 black dots, one for each day of the year starting on Jan 1st going through to Dec 31st. The chart shows when high temperature records were set. This chart is very informative and the appendix has 22 of these charts. Dots at the top of the chart indicate record high temperatures that have being broken recently over the last decade or two, while the dots at the bottom indicate that record set nearly 100 years ago not being broken since. What these charts say is there is no observable climate changes, the records being set primarily are due to weather.

The basic fact is, all that the temperature records state is the weather effects the temperature and it is the driver in temperature records being set.























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