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Lie of a Lie of a Lie for Chaotic Control
Tim of ThyArt   03 May 2020 / updated: 03/May/2020
NOTE: This Post has been retired, full article location can be found on the link at the bottom of post.

How ignorant are those that think they know the real reason for the lie called Climate Change?

Many people know that Climate Change by CO2 is a lie, but they know it is for progression to sustainability of the Earth and humanity called Agenda 21. Some even believe murder may be acceptable for population control for sustainability. Some see through this lie and know it is not sustainability of the planet but one order that rules over all through diversity, but that is a lie of all lies. This order of ages survives through chaos, and there will never be order in division. They push, hate, they push pride, they push greed, they push ignorance, and fear is their primary tool. Their order comes from chaos.

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