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Sum of Conclusions
Tim of ThyArt   03 May 2020 / updated: 03/May/2020

It is warmer naturally and it is going to get warmer for the next 150 years or more.

Pulling oil and coal from the ground and burning them does increase carbon products to the surface such as carbon dioxide.

More CO2 in the atmosphere will not cause any more warming.

First and most important, carbon dioxide once above 300ppmv in the atmosphere, increasing it does not cause any worthy warming to the planet Earth, above 400ppmv, no measurable warming to the planet.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove Climate Change is nothing more than a crime, but also many provable facts that a crime is being committed.

There is proof that an Elite Society does exist and that this society is behind the rhetoric of Climate Change.

Climate Change brings forth many flaws in science education, scientists' ignorance, and that many science outlets and that most organizations are in collusion.

Somehow, the educational system has dumbed down basic science and with quantum foolery, classroom science is mostly to earn paper acceptance to the fields of science.

There is provable science that destroys the theory of warming by CO2, making the collective of scientists look overall ignorantly stupid.

The news and scientists are spreading truths that are tainted with serious fear-mongering lies purposefully. Billions of dollars are spent annually to create and spread propaganda.

There are shills purposely introducing bad responses to distract from the truth that Climate Change is a crime and CO2 does not cause warming.

Renewable Energies are not reliable, they are not dependable, they are costly, and they are extremely destructive to the planet.

The cost to you the individual depends on how much you make and how much you spend on products and services, the average person's cost will be around $800 USD annually if this Climate Change crime gets its way. That is $500 cost annually as an average to about 5 billion people around the world; to those in the USA to most people it will be $800 to $2,000 each year for the rest of their life.

Climate Change has already forced sales of 4 trillion dollars of renewable energy. Just to replace that 3 times in this century will total 16 trillion dollars. Their goal is 5 to 10 times the current amount to easily equal 100 trillion dollar expense on the common people.

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