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This project will become active sometime in May of 2019. I will open the material for public access once sections 101 201 are complete.

The goal of the ThyArt Above Climate Change is to infect what is without doubt a lie with enough truths that it damages the health of the lie. The lie will not die easily if it is even possible to kill it. Behind it are names like Rothschild and Rockefeller, along with the banking / central banking community. Their real goal has nothing to do with climate but wealth and power control, preventing oil rich countries from becoming contenders and grabbing land for their later reconstruction of civilization with them owning and controlling land no matter the country. They control the media, they control stocks in most oil companies as well as most renewable energy companies (a win-win), they control the social media, where there is power or the ability to spread mass propaganda they have a controlling hand. Some of the information on this page will be repeated in the following documents of this effort.

Their strategy set in Agenda 21 was to steal the children, now 25 years later the world is faced with what may be the biggest crime placed on almost every individual in the world.

Climate Change is about POWER: There are a few families that rule through the power that is passed down gained from royal roots, banking, monopolized industries, and resources such as oil. Through trust funds and NGOs they insure their legacy to continue.  Two concerns over their stability of control are competing money and population growth concerns. Climate Change confronts both of these. Oil is being found almost everywhere making it anybody’s or any country’s wealth, causing a need to shift from its use and a need to demonize it as bad for the Earth. These Elite have for centuries relied on an Elite Intellectual class coming from the most prestigious of universities. The solution for those rich, the royalty, and the powerful is to counsel the most educated of people into what many now know as Non-Governmental Offices (NGOs). Examples of these entities are Carnegie, Rockefeller, Chatham House, Ford, Brookings, Bill & Melinda Gates, Heritage, etc...; there are literally thousands of these institutes providing elitism to selected Intellectuals. These intellectuals are used to help the Elite maintain their power and control, creating the propaganda and rhetoric to sway the population towards their interests and agendas. The Agenda from the United Nations was named Agenda 21 with one of its concerns being Global Warming by the nasty molecule called carbon dioxide. The Elite Intellectuals in the top positions of the NGOs, institutes, and universities defined the curriculum for the next generation of students. Now about 30 years later, the world is run at almost every level by individuals trained on the story of Global Destruction by carbon dioxide.

MUST WATCH, this video as an introduction to the crime.

To the ThyArt Above Climate Change Facebook page: The goals by end of March are as follows. It is not a problem disproving the theory but to be able to open the minds of friends and family. Every approach becomes too long and too complex for someone 12 years old, meaning it will be ineffective at reaching most people that have little interest in the subject (yet they believe climate change is real (with the politicians and scientist have their back in the end)).

These are listed in order by start date.

1. Create and Publish Above Climate Change Introduction (Now - Feb 2019). Currently in work is a document that will touch on the basics of climate change to challenge every claim of fear pushed in the Climate Change agenda. While this document will cover the key points it will be designed to accomplish two goals, to awaken people to the fact that something is wrong with the mainstream story and to promote a desire for more information that is provided in the document designed to help fund this campaign.

2. Create and Publish Above Climate Change 201 - Basics (Now - May 2019). This document will be designed as a destruction of the Climate Change rhetoric with the audience of lesser scientific knowledge, presented in layman terms as best able. This document will be published in eBook format, then eventually to print.

3. Market 201 for sales and donations to fund efforts (May 2019 - May 2020). There is need for funding for this project's success. Funding is needed to pay administrative cost, marketing, equipment, software, and taxes on funding. There are three means of funding this project, these are sales of books, sales of paraphernalia, and through donations.

Distribution of funding will be divided equally into four quarters. These quarters will be administration, taxes, marketing, and supporting purchases. Administrative will include website admin, contracts and usable at ThyArt Network LLC's discretion. Taxes will include any local, state, federal tax, and charges by entities such as PayPal. Marketing is considered the most important to the project's success; any excess funds from the other three will be used in the marketing effort. The supporting purchases for this project could easily consume hundreds of thousands with such equipment as FTIR, IR cameras filtered for CO2 detection, IR sensors, hundreds of temperature loggers, various CO2 quantity measuring devices, software, hardware, etc...

4. Create documents to target specific audiences (May 2019 - Oct 2020). Creating documents that are specific to various audience will be an extreme challenge. The audience must include the following: The youth that are being trained purposely on this subject for an agenda. The politicians to call the lie out for what it is and to make it clear it will be a negative vote topic. The scientists that refuse to challenge the ignorance toward the science and exposing the lies of many so called scientists.  The friends and family that are overall trusting the scientists and politicians to do the right thing.

5. Perform experiments with funding to solidify the science (Jun 2019 - Apr 2020). The abuse of science has become staggering over the last 100 years. Many scientists are admitting to the shameful education taking science and shifting it towards mathematics, to statistics, and dumping it to a pile of crap that is math of speculations and approximations. One that believes the educational system teaches corporate proprietary science in a university is a fool, or a bigger fool to think that such knowledge that could be duplicated competing with or even removing their control would be openly available. Reading science books from 100 years ago show brilliance, compared to today's books it is more deception. It is a system that trains intelligent people into stupidity.

Therefore, when it comes to countering the topic of Climate Change, the bad science, lies, and fabrications must be called out for what they are. To expose the bad science and bad scientists, equipments will be needed to duplicate their claims. This will involve expensive equipment such as FTIR system ($40,000 to $100,000) that can test atmosphere absorption at different percentages and pressures and the FLIR gf343 to test infrared from CO2 samples with exposure to various infrared sources. Hundreds of temperature loggers will be needed to measure the flow of energy from a few meters in depth of the ground to a few meters in altitude. CO2 will need to be monitored by multiple techniques on a minute by minute basis. Many IR sensors will be needed to conduct various experiments on absorption and also energy re-emitted (if even measurable).

6. Publish final product Above Climate Change 301-901 (May 2019 - May 2020). This document will be thorough. It will start with the perfected 201 document and will go into complete destruction of the Theory of Climate Change by so called Greenhouse Gases and every topic accused of it causing. It will cover whom of Climate Change and how the science under such entities as the Royal Society is completely controlled. It will cover the purposeful ignorant attempts to devalue the truth by injecting more bad and ignorant science into the mix, hiding their lies in a fog of stupidity.

7. Market campaign with funds from donations and sales (May 2020 - Nov 2020). This marketing effort will take all funds available to take down politicians that are running for offices that promoting their campaign under the false claim of Climate Change. It is time to get the criminals out of office.

8. Create videos to amplify and counter any opposition (May 2020 - Nov 2020). Videos will be created to support the agenda of this campaign.

November 2020 as the deadline. In November 2020, the USA will hold important elections such as the United States President. As a researcher I like no side as both left and right are the feet of the same entity and the accomplished direction is neither left and right but forward for a filthy rich and their agendas. This does not stop at this date but is a goal to provide something effective to help alter the elections to lessen the damage this crime is going to steal from every citizen. Beyond this date an effort will be made to convert the material in many languages, this is not just a United States problem but will cost every person in the world, some catastrophically.


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