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Foreword to Treason of Climate Change
Tim of ThyArt   01 Dec 2019 / updated: 01/Dec/2019

Intelligence of Humans: The idea that few people have an extreme level of intelligence much greater than most is not only idiotic, more so just narcissistic. Climate Change brings out the proof of stupidity in what most would label the most intelligent. Those intelligent enough know what I just said, I just called most people (the average person) more intelligent than those claimed higher intelligence, likely smarter than me. If I were smarter, I would say screw you, and jump on the bandwagon by investing in renewables or preaching lies of Climate Change by carbon dioxide for donations and grant money.

Truly, Climate Change is a Political Battle: The only way to win is through removing from office those that are treasonous. Any politician that platform includes the rhetoric of solving the lie that Climate Change by carbon dioxide with renewable energy or carbon pricing schemes is an accomplice to this crime, and needs to be prevented from election.

Science of the Stupid: A farmer hates a tornado, a parent fears a tornado, yet a tornado chaser loves and seeks a tornado. There seems to be a group of scientists that love a good fear mongering story of lies from what carbon dioxide will do in the air. They are using their story telling to either keep a job or grant money, likely someone barely employable and only skill is teaching entry level science at academia. They love what should not be loved with excitement of trying to put fear into children, stupid but also sad.

Entities recording and adjusting Data: While the raw data from decades ago is hard to disqualify and it is being done, it is easier to taint today's data as it is being recorded or find reasons it needs adjusting to fit the lies. If it is provable that entities such as NASA and NOAA are providing deceptive, fabricated, and manipulated data /charts to promote this crime, then this brings into question the reliability of their data collection processes.

Questionable NASA: NASA claims the loss on Antarctica has been 118 Gigaton average per year from 1993 through 2016. In another page / study, NASA claims that the Antarctica is gaining mass at 112Gtons per year from 1992 to through 2001 and 82Gton per year from 2002 through 2008. That calculates out to the average loss from 2009 through 2016 to be about 566Gton per year. NASA is either clueless to the ice loss on Antarctica and is fabricating numbers from off the top of the head, or they along with hundreds of other pieces of circumstantial evidence are active partners in this crime.

Asset grabs by Bankers through the United Nations: There is a society of bankers that are extremely powerful. This society has been mentioned by US Presidents Woodrow Wilson and John F Kennedy, not indirectly but words pointing directly at this Elite Society. This Elite Society gathered representatives at the Bretton Woods Conference in July of 1944 with the purpose to set up the World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)), which was established at this meeting, and the International Money Fund (IMF), officially established December of 1945. This Elite Society produced a front for these two entities through representatives labeled the United Nations in 1945, incorporating their World Bank and IMF into this front. All three of these entities were primarily truly about money, funding for reconstruction and development of war torn countries. The United Nations is nothing but a front for the bankers. This Elite Society in 1983, established the Bretton Woods Committee of 1983, a NGO think tank to the World Bank and IMF, their annual meetings are normally held in the World Bank's headquarters. This organization has "personal" members (689) affiliated with many of the large banking and global corporations, to include Mr. Yves-Andre Istel, affiliated to Rothschild INC. It is easy to see the United Nations goals on the World Bank's website as a perfect replication. The United Nations is a tool of the World Bank, which is a tool for the bankers. Out of the United Nations came a program labeled Agenda 21. This Agenda 21 was not directly about Climate Change but about Sustainable Development, like the "D" in IBRD. The introduction to an environmental banking concept was introduced in a Denver meeting titled the Fourth World Wilderness Congress, held in 1987, where Edmond De Rothschild presented his concept. A mass of documents, papers, and books started to appear with everything that needed to change to produce a sustainable world. These included pushing people into rural communities, destroying dams, land grabbing to protect it from human development.  But it is much worse than that. Climate Change is taking this power grab to a level beyond anything imaginable. Currently, Just the demand that all energy be converted to renewable energy has already forced over 4 trillion dollars of sales across the world. That is the start of what could be greater than a 100 trillion dollar bill that most will require loans to a product that has life expectancy of 25 years, a 4 trillion dollar a year upkeep cost. The United States will be paying more annually for renewable energy than it currently pays on its defense budget. With no foresight into this expense, it will bankrupt cities, states, countries and utilities, a debt that only resolution may be to swap the debt for the land grabbed and sell the utilities for pennies on the dollar.  The fact is the common people will pay for this scam, some $500 a year, but most $1,000 or more.

100 Trillion Dollars: First, one statement must be clear, this is a 100 trillion dollar scam and you and I are going to pay that bill (much in loans to the bankers). Most people that are younger than 45 years of age, they have been brainwashed into a story of Global Warming by Carbon Dioxide (CO2). In the mid 1980s, colleges and universities started introducing Climate Change by CO2 into the curriculum of science. In 1992, the bankers unveiled their concept of economics and environment at the Earth Summit under the title Agenda 21. By mid 1990s, Climate Change curriculum was starting to enter secondary schooling (High School) around the world. The United Nations declared 2005 through 2014 as the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD). During this period, PBS was pumping it to preschoolers, the education was pumping fear into the kindergarten students, and Climate Change was mentioned in most nature documents, usually at the end as a fear of all this beauty going away. So far, over 4 trillion dollars have been fear mongered from the worlds politicians setting grants for compliance, grants for research, regulations to force renewable energy, incentives to demolish coal plants, creating subsidies to steal our tax dollars, etc… the theft and treason of our current politicians is beyond the scope from any time in history. These politicians get elected for agreeing to the agenda, then, receive pennies, while the banking class silently reaps gold.

Definition of Climate Change by the Elite's watchdog: Google defines “Climate Change” as a noun that means, “A change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.”

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) on Trial: CO2 does cause retention of infrared from directly escaping to outer space from the Earth. Over 67% of this retention happens by 0.02% in the atmosphere by volume (200 parts per million by volume (ppmv)), by 0.03% (300ppmv), well over 90% of the infrared from the Earth's surface is retained. Below 200ppmv, plants and life start to suffer and die. Most of the CO2 historical plots are inaccurate and have been tainted by this lie to indicate a steady low quantity below 250ppmv, which is incorrect. Chemical CO2 tests have been performed for nearly 200 years and recorded with results indicating a range of 250ppmv to higher than 500ppmv in the atmosphere. By the time CO2 reaches 0.4% or 400ppmv, the amount of energy retained by further increasing CO2, is around 2% more. That 2% likely by quadrupling the CO2 to 1,600ppmv, which is less than 2 watts per meter squared, is retained in a total not only that meter squared of surface of the Earth but also in the column of atmosphere reaching 10,000 meters altitude. Simply put, 2 watts (2 joules per second) of energy dispersed over 10,000 meters cubed, with maybe a few milliwatts of forcing to the ground. Then once clouds are factored, 70% of the infrared from the surface cannot escape directly to outer space. Clouds are evaluated only for their net effect and ignored for the fact they do exist, do emit a graybody wide spectrum of infrared, and stop 70% the Earth's infrared as being a factor in the CO2 equation; the clouds would have blocked it no matter what. The actual retention total (atmosphere and surface) that can be blamed completely on CO2 is less than 10 watts to the meter squared and less than 40 watts per meter cubed to the column of air to at least 10,000 meters above it (10,000m3). That wattage is the total as a result of going from 0ppmv CO2 increasing to 400ppmv. Scientists making the claim of warming by CO2 are moronic or accomplices.

Nuclear and Hydro-Dams: The easiest resolution if carbon dioxide (CO2) was causing Global Warming would be to immediately build more Nuclear and Hydro-dam energy, even if it was peak-oil concerns. No, the same greenies preaching destroy the coal and oil, are also preaching destroy the dams and nuclear plants. Dams are one of the best tools to restrict the damage from flooding rains and lengthy droughts. Dams provide a means to balance water needs to the population and to agricultural efforts. Yet, as vital to modern civilization, these dams under the same program of Agenda 21 by the United Nations that is driving the Climate Change fear-mongering, is the plan to removing every dam possible. Nuclear Power has some minor risks, and even the few major catastrophes are minor compared to what nuclear energy provides, especially as an option to mitigate the fairytale catastrophes that are speculated will result from CO2 emissions. Why would the same people preach remove the non-CO2 energy sources, such as Nuclear and Dams, while they are demanding removal of all sources of energy that rely on oil and coal? If you follow the money, those that were invested in oil have diversified in renewable energies, and if this push is successful, they will force a debt on the world of over 100 trillion dollars, and they will eventually own everything. It is nothing more than a crime.

The Costume of Climate Change: The term "Climate Change", that means human caused change in climate, has nothing to do with the climate of the Earth. Underneath its facade there are two sides to the matter, one of concern, and the other of greed for money and retained power. CLIMATE CHANGE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CLIMATE OF THE EARTH. With just the renewable energy market having a potential $100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion dollars (already 4 trillion spent)), the greed does not need explaining. The concerns underneath the lie of Climate Change may truly be valid and concerning. While oil peak has been termed as a big threat, one day, oil will become harder to obtain and the demand will continue to grow with two primary factors, population growth and more people pulled out from destitution and extreme poverty. Those that rule the world as a society knows what this means for them, for the common people would be downgraded to bicycles and public transportation, becoming locally imprisoned, while the upper society ride around the world in their yachts, limousines, and private jumbo jets. Oil is a resource and even if not of fossil origins, there will come a time in the near future where demand will stress the supply. Remember some of these families have been part of this upper society for centuries, they are not looking at tomorrow or next year or a decade; they are looking at retaining this power for the centuries to come. That is the real story exposing the emperor with no clothes. This is a seasoned society of elite, an Elite Society.

Just 10 cents more for a T-shirt to remove sweatshops: Humanity has many problems, just adding 10 or 20 cents onto the price of the making of a T-shirt, thousands of people in sweatshops around the world could make an okay living, if extended to other industries, millions of people could be lifted out of near destitution or slave work. So many problems but these bankers want to focus on a fake problem that to them is worth in the trillions of dollars in returns to them, and most of us common people cannot figure this one out. Sadly, these same banker families invest in non-profits that really do help a cause, but they shave off the top 10% to 50% of the donations, pouring much into "marketing fees", that sadly they own shares in those advertising entities.

Where 4 trillion dollars could have helped: Over 4 trillion dollars have been spent on just putting up renewable energies so far, which require a replacement average of about every 25 years. This document will prove Climate Change is a front for greed and plausible other concerns, making the 4 trillion dollars mostly a wasted expense that you and I are paying for. Do you want to be concerned with something? Here is a more concerning list to pick from such as job opportunities, livable wage, affordable education, affordable medicine, affordable health care (do not confuse with the Obamacare fraud), reduced poverty, healthy food, healthy water, removal of country meddling, war prosecution, corrupt government officials, abusive legal system, HATE creation (United Nations), corporate accountability, pollution prevention, refugees, slavery, etc…

Truthful definition of Climate Change: The words combined equal a crime with a potential of revenues to the global corporations and bankers of over 100 trillion dollars, with an annual upkeep / replacement cost of 4 trillion dollars. Much of this is becoming loans with interest and eventually public lands under the guise of grabbed for sustainable development plausibly becoming collateral for these loans. Eventually the bankers could literally own most of the land of every country in the world, including the USA.

Treason of Climate Change: While those concocting this crime sit back in their mansions and castles safe from conviction, an Intellectual Elite class of scientists, educators, journalists, and politicians commit treason, pushing blatant lies of fear that force the sale of renewable energies. These are the ones guilty of the crimes related to this topic.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter supporting the Climate Change effort: There are entities that are accomplices that control the distribution and availability of information. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other entities are actively involved in hiding content that opposes the Climate Change rhetoric. The leadership and the shareholders are of the upper class (bankers) and likely know their involvement. I do not think the employees are criminally involved, maybe just naïve to the truth. It is only ask the employees think hard on the censorship they impose, as it will eventually wield it ugly head their way.

Politically incorrect: Understand this document, as you are getting ready to have an expense added to your cost of living. Any politician Democrat or Republican, that claims the importance of or believes in Climate Change actions promoting the lie, needs to be removed from office. Simply, they are either ignorantly or knowledgeably committing treason. The 2020 United States elections are extremely important and if this election falls into their hands, not only will censorship go unchecked from Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc… throwing us into a dark age, these politicians will go full force in meeting goals set by these bankers through the United Nations to go 50% renewable energy by 2030. Wait until you see the bill you indirectly incurred on not only yourself but also everybody, to include your friends and family. To some the bill for voting for these traitors will be as low as $500 dollars a year, to those with good income and expensive habits it could be greater than $5,000, to most people it will be somewhere between $600 to $2,000 each year for the rest of our lives.

Lies of Television and News: People do not care if they are lied to by people and media they do not know, often even when it affects their wallet or health, while they will anger and distrust a friend for telling petty lies, they will continue to listen to the media lie to them, idolizing them and ignore the language that is designed to distribute purposeful lies. DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE? Most do not want the truth but act as if they know it.

Why Socialism: Socialism steals the money away from the people and the voice of the individual. Socialism provides in its end game a rhetoric that believes mass murder is a solution to a utopian world that the collective can agree to; a very moronic collective. Even after over 100 million people were murdered in the 20th century, there are still mentally challenged people that feel socialism is good. Social Democracy is not truly socialism but is still moronic. Social Democracy is a class system where you give all your money to the system and they distribute it; this allows the global capitalist to charge whatever they want for an education, a medication, without anyone complaining because no one sees the true cost. Fact is that the cost will be removed from your first paycheck and every paycheck until the day you die for this supposed free healthcare, free education, costing many times more than if you just paid for it yourself. When insurance is forced such as healthcare, then the path of payment skips the government tax process, going from the individual directly to the global corporate order.  The communism defined by Marx was one that shared the profits among the workers of the business. The solution to make a Marxist world would be all the companies to be owned by its employees and their income defined by its success or failure. The socialists of the United Nations want us to believe what was bad about the NAZIs or better put the NSP (National Socialist Party) was the N for nationalism or a country's sovereignty, for the United Nations end goal is one nation and world under the United Nation (the bankers). But yet the S in the NSP was the killer, the cause of European World War Two, and the 40 million deaths incurred. The United Nations is a bad entity living off a façade of feeding children while turning a blind eye if not responsible for the handing out AK-47s that kill more people than saved. Find the document on YouTube named "Empire in Africa"; it took the United Nations ten years before they bothered with this massacre in Sierra Leone. The United Nations is nothing but a tool of the Elite Society that is mostly bankers.

Doomed and the Doomers: These Intellectual Elites steal the mind through attaching emotions to buzzwords. The term scientists, is an anonymous and meaningless term.  Denier is to insinuate a person that dares to challenge something that should never be challenged. Doomer: Alarmist is not the correct word, and must be replaced with the word doomer. Alarmist just means someone sounding the alarm. These people are pushing false fear of catastrophe, more correctly fabricated doom, so hence they deserve the title, DOOMERS. A doomer is one that is open and often loud with their belief on doom due to the rhetoric of Climate Change by carbon dioxide. Doomed: Those believing the tales of doom are doomed. This is not a completely bad definition but becomes concerning when it is a collective majority that are voting for or are the people making decisions based on their belief.

Globalsozialist: This is exactly what the United Nations is pushing. Socialism has advanced since the years of Hitler, Mao, Lenin, and Stalin. More significantly, socialism is so loosely defined and proven effective at inciting a collective to force change for some fairytale that is presented as ending in utopia, yet so far, the only result is tyranny and mass murder. Climate Change fear gives the reason that some people with different beliefs are worthy of being killed to save the planet. Socialists' rhetoric and the lies of Climate Change make wonderful partners. Climate Change provides a reason of fear to steal our money and socialism provides the means to take that money under community shared funds created by higher taxation and forced high insurance / mandatory fees.

Vote them out of Office: Our only solution is to vote not on a party line but for what you expect to get from the person as the incumbent. Vote Climate Change out of existence.

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