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As the Climate Change section is added to this book over the next month, I am making the content member's only until done.

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Climate Change is going to cost everyone around 4% of their income. We need now to decide if this trillions of dollars currently being spent is justified or fear-mongering for extortion.

DARK is a research into understanding how humanity fails to progress to prevent wars, famine, crime, hate, greed, liars, elite societies, and all the rest of the bad that indicates that humanity is retarded, ignorant, and stupid. The more the research answered the more questions created. It just gets uglier and uglier. This has been ten years of researching hell.

This is the research that led to ThyArt, with understanding that the way the world and humanity are, there is no hope for progression. The only hope is if everything that is collective is shattered to return humanity to individuals. Through ThyArt one having better understanding can make better choices. One through understanding to not buy worthless junk, understanding usury, understand the financial system and not desiring to overly impress or outdo another, one will have much more money. This more money with a contentment with less equals the richest person on Earth. There is great money in bad health to the amount of trillions of dollars annually. All entities at all levels have proven that money is more important than the patient is. It is becomes a matter of knowing what is healthy and what is not and trying to prevent the combinations that equal a subscription to the medical industry for the rest of a person’s life. Of most important is preventing the child from going down the wrong path of sugar and caffeine. With this better health and better wealth, one can come to a content happiness.

The DARK book is not the answer but to give complexity to progression.

Recently Added or Modified Articles:

Intro - Bad Science and Liars

V10 - Climate Change / Introduction - Tim of ThyArt

Science is taught with high regard as flawless, giving thought to it producing accurate results without need for further empirical experimentation. Most of this imperfect science hides behind the doors of engineers and scientists in the corporate environment in efforts to advance science and technology to the next level. VIEW-ARTICLE

Introduction to Opening Section

V10 - Climate Change / Introduction - Tim of ThyArt


Introduction to Treason of Climate Change

V10 - Climate Change / Introduction - Tim of ThyArt

Efforts to resolve Climate Change supposedly caused by Carbon Dioxide will within a decade cost everyone 4 percent or more of their income ($800 to $5,000 annually). They are criminally indoctrinating children with this lie and now have three generations brain washed into believing false science. This will become a 100 trillion dollar scam on everybody. This is a lie that will also cause severe damage to the environment. VIEW-ARTICLE

Fluoride, Worse than Cigarettes or Lead

V04 - Health / Food - Tim LeClair

Do you know what a Material Safety Data Sheet is? Did you know that Fluorine destroys teeth both externally and internally? FACT! 1 in 3 teenagers in the United States have some form of dental fluorosis. FACT! The warning label on the bottle of sodium fluoride states it damages the heart, kidneys, bones, central nervous system, gastrointestinal system, and teeth. The dose distributed is set to cause the least ill effects while promoting the most stupidity. It has nothing to do with teeth! VIEW-ARTICLE

Pink Slime in the Ground Beef

V04 - Health / Food - Tim LeClair

What to do with those parts of the cow that are not fit for human consumption? Someone came up with the bright Idea to chemically treat them ensure the hazardous bacteria that plagues these parts is killed. This process is banned in Europe but the United States’ FDA considers Pink Slime GOOD for its citizens. Even after much controversy, it is still in our burgers! A common side effect is diarrhea. Is this okay with you? VIEW-ARTICLE

Capital Interest making Student Loans Unbearable

V02 - Education / Money Incompetence - Tim LeClair

It is not uncommon for someone in the process of acquiring a college degree to borrow 20 to 30 thousand dollars. By the time they throw their caps in the air at graduation, what was less than 30 thousand dollars is now over 40 thousand dollars. How did the amount to pay back grow to such a burdensome amount? With little to no avenue to remove this debt, many graduating from college are still paying these original loans well beyond their 50th birthday. VIEW-ARTICLE

Tampons can give you Cancer

V04 - Health / Disease - Tim LeClair

Putting weed control and pesticides on plants can become a serious problem if the produce is porous and able to absorb these chemicals. Just cleaning will not neutralize these chemicals allowing the end user to be exposed to them. One of these is produce susceptible to this concern is cotton. VIEW-ARTICLE

Baby Powder causes Cancer

V04 - Health / Poisons - Tim LeClair

There are some women that put a coat of talcum powder on their body religiously every day. One doctor, Harvard epidemiologist Dr. Daniel Cramer estimates that over 10,000 cases of ovarian cancer is linked to talcum powder use. VIEW-ARTICLE

It takes Alcohol hours to kill Bacteria

V04 - Health / Medical Industry - Tim LeClair

It takes Alcohol hours to kill Bacteria. Many years ago, a good friend of mine in her final year of acquiring her Marine Biology degree did an experiment for class relating to the effectiveness of alcohol in killing bacteria. She asked me if I knew that alcohol did not kill bacteria. She said it took the bacteria 6 hours to die in alcohol, which was almost the same time it took for it to die in water; which was 6 1/2 hours. VIEW-ARTICLE

Request For Comment - Above Climate Change

V10 - Climate Change / - Tim of ThyArt

5-5: This is one of the most concerning but also revealing topics. It exposes the elite at the very top. The lies compile on top of each other to make a mountain that requires great ignorance to believe the story of Climate Change by Greenhouse Gases. Climate Change is a lie that is stealing billions of dollars annually from most every person around the world. It is the spark causing the Yellow Vest movement in Paris France. It is killing many people placing them in borderline destitution and often unable to afford heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. This lie will cost most people around the world 4% of their income, to most a thousand to a few thousand dollars every year. VIEW-ARTICLE

Zika Virus more Fearmongering

V04 - Health / Disease - Tim LeClair

One must be extremely cautious when talking about health issues that could have serious misguidance. The HIV/AIDs, Chikungunya virus, West Nile virus, and now the Zika virus have been running the course of the Mainstream Media Horror Factory, spreading fear throughout the lands. VIEW-ARTICLE

Mandatory Vaccines for when the Day Comes

V04 - Health / Medical Industry - Tim LeClair

Currently vaccines have good purpose or of little harm to most of the population but the good they serve can never be worth the risks they present. The evil that owns and controls this industry is like a cold steel blade and when it decides to show the full force of its power, a billion people can be killed. VIEW-ARTICLE

Brake for some Asbestos

V04 - Health / Poisons - Tim LeClair

This should add to the shock as most everyone has been drilled with the fear of asbestos related cancer. Many vehicles still use asbestos brakes. Today as you drive around on the busy roads with cars and trucks stopping and going the vehicle slowly emits an asbestos dust. VIEW-ARTICLE

Lead Poisoning for Everyone

V04 - Health / Poisons - Tim LeClair

Lead has been known to be a poison long before it was added to gasoline. When it was finally decided to remove lead from gasoline it took another 25 years to accomplish this task. The main reason was not due to health concerns but the lead caused clogging of the catalytic converters. VIEW-ARTICLE

Raid versus the Bug

V04 - Health / Poisons - Tim LeClair

I want to explain something clearly the original caveman diet, or the REAL Paleo diet, one of the main delicatessens were bugs such as grubs and palmetto bugs and cockroaches. Yep, when the caveman needed a snack, they would look under a rock or fallen tree limb and find himself a tasty morsel. VIEW-ARTICLE

ClimateGate Society and its Emails

V10 - Climate Change / - Tim LeClair

From Watts Up With That from Anthony Watts is a list of links to over 250 emails exchanged relating to the Climate Change fraud. VIEW-ARTICLE

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration

Supporting Media / Opening - Tim LeClair

As time goes on from this point, it becomes to late to apologize. A declaration of warning. VIEW-ARTICLE

You need to make Climate Change Personal

V10 - Climate Change / - Tim of ThyArt

You need to make Climate Change Personal. If Climate Change by burning oil is real it could have serious implications to most people on Earth. If Climate Change by burning oil is not real than the cost to most every person on Earth will soon be in the thousands of dollars annually, and a cost to not only their own financial wallet, but expensive to every business and debt to every local government. VIEW-ARTICLE

Greenland is not Melting Away

V10 - Climate Change / - Tim of ThyArt

If anyone tells you that Greenland is losing ice and is causing the sea level to rise, your response to them should be, "Do you know what you are talking about?", followed with the information provided here from this 7 part series on Greenland. Educate them on Greenland. The Greenland Ice Sheet has a mass of 2.88 Petatons. Greenland accumulation by snow, rain (turns to ice), and condensation, is greater than its loss to melt, evaporation, and water runoff. Glaciers are its only means of loss and Greenland is a basin preventing any serious loss of ice by glaciers. VIEW-ARTICLE

Supporting Media

Supporting Media / Opening - Tim of ThyArt

Ten years of research has lead to tens of thousands of jaw dropping material that should seem more of interest to people that respect self enough not to accept being lied to and following a normal that steals their happiness, health, and wealth. This should be Friday night's enjoyment with a soda and some popcorn. VIEW-ARTICLE

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