Destruction of Self, Family, Home, and Country

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     DARK 2020 Opening
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General Dedication
Tim LeClair   18 Jul 2012 / updated: 16/Aug/2015

Love of the Creator
Love of Self
Love of Family
Love of Friends and Neighbors
Love of Home
Love of Country

Self: To give love, one must contain love.

Family: Treat them right and expect the same.

Friends: May they be true.

Home: A place to feel safe, private and comfortable.

Country: A country that allows me to believe in God my way. A country where I can love myself, friends and family. A country that allows me to have a little piece of earth to call my own and do as I please so long as I violate no other.

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     DARK 2020 Opening
      Page 8 of 61

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DARK 2020 Opening
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