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Quality of Search
Tim LeClair   18 Jul 2012 / updated: 03/Aug/2015

Google has become useless as a search engine in finding truths and honest answers. Most of the science has been tainted due to Climate Change rhetoric and Google being a supporter of the Climate Change rhetoric directs searches to bad and ignorant use of science. It is not just Google but also every tool we use to search information, especially Wikipedia. Everything is their story from history, to science, to medicine, to who is responsible, to reasons for past events, reasons for future agendas, EVERYTHING, it is their story no matter what the truth is!

Quality of search is dependent of the search engines allowing a request to be honestly searched. This may not be available soon. The only reason the Internet is still called a cloud is because openness would break the need for search engines and allow everything to be found in a few clicks. The answer that could break Google is called a menu system relating to 25 to the power of 6 or over 244 million possibilities in just six clicks. So we rely on the system that lies to us and hides the truth. And they hide it the best they can without being obvious. (Give me $25M and I will destroy Google! Like Google was funded to destroy its competition on June 7, 1999.)

Methods for searching Google for answers include certain syntax that prevents unwanted results:

Use the negative (-word) sign to remove a term from a search.

Use quotes ("my word") around words you want as typed and not any random order.

Use the tilde (~word) to find searches that are like or related to a term. When you search NWO put quotes around it "NWO", else you will get NOW results instead.

Let us find a song by Gates called Clouds:

gates clouds          Results: Bill Gates Cloud computing
gates clouds -bill   Results: Clouds David Gates

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     DARK 2020 Opening
      Page 9 of 61

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