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Fluoride, Worse than Cigarettes or Lead
Tim LeClair   20 Jul 2012 / updated: 29/Jan/2019

First, I must explain what a MSDS sheet is. A MSDS sheet is the disclaimer from the chemical manufacturer that covers how you are to handle their products, the hazards relating to the chemical and what to do in case of a mishap. OSHA requires that employers have MSDS sheets on hand available to employees for review, and in case of emergency. Children’s crayons have an MSDS, as does Biotin, lead, sulfuric acid, sodium phosphate, etc… You can search Google for the MSDS on items that you may be concerned with such as sodium fluoride. Search for self, as MSDS information is subject to update for safety purposes. Do a comparison to lead and mercury to understand why this is alarming.


From the Sodium Fluoride Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
“Special Remarks on other Toxic Effects on Humans: Acute Potential Health Effects: Skin: Causes skin irritation and possible burns, especially if skin is wet or moist. Eyes: Causes eye irritation and burns. May cause chemical conjunctivitis and corneal damage. Ingestion: Harmful if swallowed. Causes digestive (gastrointestinal) tract irritation and burns. May cause severe and permanent damage to the digestive. Ingestion of large amounts may cause salivation, thirst, nausea, vomiting, hypermotility, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. May affect behavior/ central nervous system/nervous system (headache, nervousness, dizziness, seizures, convulsions, tremor, muscle weakness, somnolence), respiration (respiratory depression, dyspnea), cardiovascular system (weak pulse, hypotension, dysrhythmias, cardiac arrest), liver, urinary system (polyuria, polydypsia) brain, metabolism (loss of appetite, hypcalcemia, hyperkalemia, hypomagnesia, ), teeth, bones, and blood (changes in red and white blood cell count, interference in blood coagulation) Inhalation: Causes irritation and chemical burns of the respiratory tract with coughing, breathing difficulty and possibly nasal septum perforation and coma. May affect bones. Chronic Potential Heath Effects: Chronic ingestion may cause fluorosis. Effects of fluorisis may include joint pain, weakness, limited joint mobility, brittle bones, ossifications on x-ray, thickening of long bone cortices, calcificaiton of ligaments, osteomalacia, osteosclerosis (skeletal (bone and teeth) abnormalties) and mottled tooth enamel. Other symptoms may include anemia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, kidney damage and weight loss/anorexia. Chronic inhalation may cause bronchitis to develop with cough, phlegm, and/or shortness of breath. , liver (hepatic enzymes increased, jaundice), .”

Fluoride is added to your water and many foods on purpose. Fluoride is poison! The data sheets from the manufacturers indicate it is worse than lead or mercury. When used for overactive thyroid, it was found it actually disables the thyroid completely. It causes pitting (cavities) and cracking of teeth and makes bones brittle contributing to health issues like hip fractures later in life. Fluoride has been proven to help aluminum bypass the brain barrier. Research on Alzheimer's disease indicates that the presence of aluminum is 2 to 4 times higher in the affected areas of their brain than normal.

long term fluoride exposure linked to lower IQ on many studies.

Marge Dwyer of Harvard

Studies in many countries have proven that fluoride lowers the IQ test of those taking fluoride by 5 to 20 percent. One recent study was released from Harvard College. Center for Disease Control (CDC) initially claimed fluoride as great, then lowered the levels recommended due to one in three teenagers in the United States having dental fluorosis. Fluoride makes less intelligent people and slowly destroys the mind and body (ours, yours and mine). Fluoride is restricted in water at 2 milligrams per liter but has been found in our foods and drinks at many times this restriction. Why does the FDA allow high fluoride levels in the water and food?

Other fluorine substances less known, such as monofluorophosphate, have not been challenged the same way and not required to be put on the label. The problem with alternatives such as monofluorophosphate is that the hazardous component is fluorine and studies have determined that uptake of the amount ingested is about 90% of the fluorine compared to 50% to 70% of the fluorine in sodium fluoride. Making monofluorophosphate more hazardous but still allowing the manufacturers of toothpaste and mouthwashes to list the product as fluorine free by staying below reporting (labeling) criteria. Another method of including fluorine in toothpaste is by adding natural tealeaf extracts known to have extremely high levels of fluorine. A cup of tea using distilled water has 1.20 to 3.50 milligrams of fluorine in it that comes from the tealeaf. A liter or quart of tea (two 16-ounce glasses of iced tea) has between 7 to 17 milligrams of fluorine when using fluoridated tap water. It is not a relaxing feeling that tea provides but more of a dumbing down.

WebMD - possible cancer hazard.

Fluorine is a goitrogen.

Fluoride being a goitrogen does cause iodine deficiency

Fluorine is listed as a neurotoxin by the  EPA.

Fluoride is shipped to USA from China, is not industrial waste.

Decreases red blood cell count.

Possibly factor in hip fractors (read the MSDS!!!)

Plausible factor in Alzheimer's disease.

Fluorine accumulates in the body with continued exposure.

Fluorine is listed on the EPA’s website as having substantial evidence as a neurotoxin and is toxic to the developing mammalian nervous system. Fluoride is a goitrogen and plays havoc with the thyroid. The level of fluorine in the water is minimal for achieving the effect of more docile and controllable people, likely making people overall easier to get along with. But as the quantities accumulate from multiple methods of distribution, it becomes extremely concerning. There is no way to remove fluorine from the diet but efforts to reduce and keep the exposure limited will likely help in preventing many unwanted and unnecessary health issues with age.

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     V04 - Health
      Page 30 of 72

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