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Enhanced Drivers License / TWIC ID / RFID chip
Tim LeClair   21 Jul 2012 / updated: 03/Aug/2015

Some people state that assigning a RFID chip to everyone is one of the end goals. Complete control of a person’s life through a chip that uses your identity to verify you with the system by your fingerprints, face recognition, DNA, eye scan making fraudulent identification near impossible. Even worse this chip will connect a person to their finances and give the system the power to turn off a person’s complete ability to move around or purchase anything. So to oppose or speak up against any thing would allow the system to quickly outcast and eliminate all resistance. The chip originally planned to be implanted and with technology this would not be required as it would be the medium between the physical and the virtual person. Some concepts of implanting the chip included inserting the chip within the brain for external control to even include a kill option.

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