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Pink Slime in the Ground Beef
Tim LeClair   26 Jul 2012 / updated: 28/Jan/2019

Pink slime (also known as lean finely textured beef or LFTB, finely textured beef, and boneless lean beef trimmings or BLBT) coined by Dr. Gerald Zirnstein, for boneless lean beef trimmings or similar products. The product created in 1990s is sold by a number of beef processing companies, including Cargill Meat Solutions and Beef Products, Inc. The parts of the cow used are considered not fit for human consumption. They also include risks such as E. coli and Salmonella. To counter these dangers the meat is processed with ammonium hydroxide, which is a poison with health hazards of its own. The FDA calls this additive as generally recognized as safe (GRAS). The USDA approved the whole package as safe. As more people are becoming aware, many fast food entities are dropping Pink Slime (Supposedly) from their menu while the USDA is moving it into our public school systems. I used to be a Whopper fan but all of the sudden about 14 years ago I started having diarrhea immediately after eating. Now I know why!

Now that we are paying near double the price for beef, the industry is sneaking Pink Slime back into our diet. The big point is if the industry could get away with wood pulp or soy beans and still call it 100 percent beef, they would do just that. With Pink Slime the parts still come from the animal so it can be labeled as 100 percent pure beef. This is because it is no matter the part of the animal that is ground down to a soup then kill anything harmful by soaking it in ammonia, it still is considered beef. The industry Beef Products, Inc (BPI) lashed back with law suits gaining at least $177 million from ABC News medium.

You do not have the right to know if your beef contains Pink Slime and is not required to be on the label. Yet I knew when it happened, as I could no longer eat my favorite fast food burger anymore after 4 consecutive bad experiences. It may have been from poor processes back 20 years ago, but today I occasionally run across a bad burger that bring back a common experience of Pink Slime.

Yet, Pink Slime is not permitted in Canada and the European Union. Makes one question if someone in the U.S. government is paid off? And yes there have been E.  coli outbreaks due to failure in the process now and then.

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     V04 - Health
      Page 32 of 72

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