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Benzoate with Antioxidants Equals Cancer
Tim LeClair   19 Nov 2015 / updated: 19/Nov/2015

Potassium benzoate and sodium benzoate are commonly used as food preservatives. These food preservatives often are used in products that also contain vitamin C. When these preservatives and vitamin C are combined, one of their byproducts is benzoic acid (benzene), a known carcinogen. Simply put a salt of benzene combined with Vitamin C results in a cancerous substance in the body. It is not Vitamin C alone but also any chemical compound labeled as an antioxidant that reacts the same chemical way as vitamin C; this is most every antioxidant. Benzene is also in petroleum products and released into the air by automobiles and at the gas stations. Most of the benzene is destroyed when gasoline is burned, so exhaust fumes are not as hazardous. Benzene is known to cause cancer, based on evidence from studies in both people and laboratory animals. Benzene concerns relate to leukemia and cancer. The studies indicate that most products have about one-thousandth the level considered a cancer risk. Hence, if you do ten servings in a day (say a few sodas some canned food (It is in many foods and drinks)) you have increased your dose to one hundredth of risking cancer of a normal health person. With other toxins and a lowered immune system from age, drugs, other toxins, you may have a bit of bad luck and be told that you have cancer.

Sodium benzoate may also trigger or aggravate symptoms of attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder(ADHD). People that are hypersensitive to sodium benzoate can experience asthmatic attacks, hives, or other allergic reactions.

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     V04 - Health
      Page 31 of 67

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