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Mandatory Vaccines for when the Day Comes
Tim LeClair   19 Nov 2015 / updated: 16/Jan/2019

It is important to understand all the puzzle pieces before trying fully to understand this piece. Currently vaccines have good purpose or of little harm to most of the population but the good they serve can never be worth the risks they present. The evil that owns and controls this industry is like a cold steel blade and when it decides to show the full force of its power, a billion people can be killed. That is why understanding the use of fluorine in our foods and water, lead in our gas, mercury in our teeth and vaccines, asbestos in vehicle car brakes, benzene in our food preservative, etc… is so important to understand that this is a ruthless industry that has an agenda. Currently the agenda is money, reduced health (money), lowered intelligence (stupidity and docile, unable to mentally stand up against this evil), and population control (balance of power). One day it will be genocide selecting its target with laser accuracy.

India is one of the world's fastest growing populations. Acute Flaccid Paralysis in india

Vaccines need to remain voluntary. If vaccines become mandatory it no longer becomes a matter of if such a thing could happen but when will it happen. Let vaccines remain a freedom of choice as that way some people will suffer either way. The mandatory vaccine could lead to 100% death rate if ugliness came to control this power or if a quality control error occurs in the testing and process.Another piece of the puzzle explains the use of vaccines in Kenya to induce population control. This is extremely serious!

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