Destruction of Self, Family, Home, and Country

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Tim LeClair   18 Dec 2015 / updated: 18/Dec/2015

Some just want the answer to why of this book rather than read it. This will not be modified from the original wording of Puzzling Words 2012, revision 7.

Money: I have talked to many concerning money and the near future and most are struggling and struggling more each day. One is looking to refinance their home or risk losing it, another had their home retiled. Now these people are struggling with money to pay for such required cost as food. If you are on a tight budget, this book says get your debts paid off before you make purchases. Debt is a choice by most! Money situation is to get worse for many and it never hurts to have some beans and rice in stock for time of a natural disaster or to supplement the cost of the grocery bill.

War: Talk is strong of war with Iran and just like Iraq and Vietnam it is all lies and for bad reasons (unpatriotic). You can sit in your chair raise your son or daughter for 18 years, smile as they join the military and go to Iran or some other country for lies and then smile as they come home with no leg or brain injury or depleted uranium poisoning or cry upon their box as they are buried. There is no honor in killing innocent people in a far away country for evil reasons. These now young men must face the rest of their lives remembering what was required of them; a wound that never heals. Stress to your politicians that war without honor is criminal and to your children that war without honor is a criminal offense. Raise your children with honor. War is for profit at the loss of our children. Iran is about the IMF and central banking system.

Woman: As women become involved in leadership and decision-making, they need to become the historians, scientist, doctors, accountants, truth seekers and whatever it takes to make sound choices. The men of the past have failed to set a good example as leaders and more women are getting the opportunity to prove they can do a better job. A leader is not a follower and can make hard decisions under stress. Men or women lead with the truth; do not follow the path of the preceding failures!

Television and Video Games: If you cannot see the problem then you may be part of the problem. A child is born and handed a game controller and fed a movie. A child grows up to adulthood and works hard just so they can go home and pick up that controller and remote. That adult is moved to a senior’s home to watch the news network and pass away. What a life! The media such as movies, television, video games have been well documented as mind control devices and are used as such. As a parent, you should respect your children and grow them right. Exercise the brain and body to a better life. Do not let the media set the morals, views, opinions and fabricate reality.

Health: Topics like fluoride should scare people but most people even after conversations do not move to distilled or reverse osmosis water. One point of this book is about eating healthier and if you choose the path of low protein, high sugar, toxic additives (MSG, artificial sweeteners, benzoates), etc… after reading this then you missed the point. A Harvard University study was released stating even sustained low doses of fluoride substantially lower ones IQ level. UNHEALTHY PEOPLE EQUAL BIG MONEY!

Guns and things to come: The removal of gun ownership will come eventually. At that point we can talk all we want about stopping fascist - socialism (Right and Left) but those that oppose will just vanish.

What is not mentioned: Hundreds of topics (thousands) are not mentioned in this book. The purpose of this book was not to educate people on who or why of what is going on. The purpose is to awaken people that something big is being planned and the deceit so one can make better choices concerning health, money, education, entertainment and politics. Second is to put desire into the readers of this book to do their own research. So Please Research!

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     DARK 2020 Opening
      Page 10 of 61

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