Destruction of Self, Family, Home, and Country

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To the Great People
Tim LeClair   18 Dec 2015 / updated: 19/Dec/2018

This book insults everybody! It is not meant to be personal or a focused attack on a person but on the process of cultivation of delusion. Good people are not great people contrary to belief. It is people that overall sum of actions equals for the better over worse that are the GREATEST of PEOPLE. Each person has their different and special way to make this world better. Some write, some feed, some teach, some sacrifice, some even die in doing their part for a better future for the next generation; our children.

Doctors and Dentist: My strongest apologies to doctors that save and help so many people. We need a way to remove the Global Medical Industry from dictating bad policy and threatening doctors to be compliant to their corruption. There is nothing greater than fixing a person’s heart or putting a smile back on a face. Those doctors and dentist with love for what they accomplish are THE GREATEST OF THE GREAT.

Engineers and Scientist: Pathetic! Many of the scientist live a lie and spread lies. The greatness of the future is up to the scientist and engineers that do continue to learn beyond the restrictive off course education and return science to what it was over one hundred years ago, back to a process of fact based research and conclusion, without deception and delusion. The greatness comes from you that make it better through honesty, while the worst comes from those that choose to lie for pride, money, and job.

Lawyers and Judges: There is extreme money to be made as a lawyer. The system of common law allows for greed to create filthy rich lawyers and a byproduct of a system that condemns the innocent, while promoting the criminal, both for financial gain. The system of law promotes the corruption but only because lawyers have allowed it to become an uncontrollable monster. Only through a complete overhaul or a slow process of better lawyers will the system ever be returned from corruption. All good lawyers die to a system that demands their complacency.

Law enforcement: Those that ensure order and rules are maintained are like our parents. Many of the police have become full of pride, full of fear, and armed looking like an invading enemy force. Many of the police still hold onto the concept of “for the people” but times are changing for the worse. It is the police force that makes the United States GREAT. Do not allow the local police to become a national army.

Religious Followers: All of the Mosaic religions have progressed through the times, creating new interpretations of handling modern clashes with the scriptures. Clearly those believing and following their scriptures backed by their belief in a GOD are among the greatest of people. Let us progress to the next level and remove the condemnation created by the religious leaders. Judge only yourself and accept the others as of the same GOD and the one with the biggest smile will convert the other without need of words.

Educators: Accepting Status Quo is a bad philosophy of our educational system. Everyone knows it is broken nearly to the point of worthlessness. It reflects bad on you the educator! Today is the day to stand up and force change on what you know is wrong. You have a choice, be great by standing up and changing what is wrong with education immediately, or you remain the problem that created these Puzzling Words by continuing to allow the curriculum to teach crap and leave the students struggling to survive life.

Mothers and Fathers: A child needs a mother and a father. Those that set the child first are the ones that help create the next generation of great people. Be great and when you choose a partner make it a special one that you can see raising children together, not over worthless characteristics including beauty, money, sex, (as age will change these). The children are your fruit and will be all that is left of you in 100 years.

Students: It is sad how off track our education system is. Know the system, use it to make you one of the great people. Control your debt and take advantage of grants that are available. Make a decision of what you want to do for employment before starting a degree that you may never need or have desire to work within.

Everybody: Today is the day to be great to self, to family, to neighbor, and to your community. What is written in this book is hopefully enough to awaken one from being a good person to being a better person.

Politicians: It is hard to find any good in the sum of all the characteristics of any politician. All are for worse and do not deserve to be mentioned on this page. Possibly not one excluded! The United States of America is due a new voting system with checks and balances to keep this scum from ever rising to the top.

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