Destruction of Self, Family, Home, and Country

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     DARK 2020 Opening
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Tim LeClair   18 Dec 2015 / updated: 18/Dec/2015

SELF (To incite self-improvement within the individual):

Remove the television or at least have understanding of its powers and manipulations

Removal of delusions imposed on us from birth

Removal of damaging pride

Removal of coveting

Removal of unwarranted fear

Removal of unwarranted hate

Remove debt

Removal of deviations from natural design

Removal of hazardous foods and toxins

Removal of sexual deviation, perversion and pornography

Removal of drugs illegal and legal

Desire to learn and think, not being idle or mislead or trivial

Family (To reunite the family and strengthen its potential):

Repair your family if it is not too late

Remove the television

Understand that the fruit of life is the family and children

Find hobbies, entertainment and activities that build character and family worthiness to society

Find time to be home and in the lives of the children, give them parents

Unless the fight is our fight, do not support warmongering and patriotism for lies

Home (To keep the ability to have a home of comfort and privacy):

Ability to keep our homes and have equity in such

Have an acceptable amount of area to call home with privacy

People worry or make noise about worthless concerns that they cannot do anything about. This entire book equates to it is beyond any individual to fix the world system, as the layers of the onion, so to speak, are thick and the core is well protected. You cannot fix or make a better world or better United States where everyone will be satisfied. You can make changes to increase your happiness and be more satisfied with your life. To some it is changing things in life to make it better but it is mostly changing the perception of values and priorities. It is the few people that do make noise that help slow the Elite’s progress toward easy achievement of their goals. As long as enough people dare to stand up and make noise in their own way, the rest of us will have some freedom preventing a system worse than the slavery that the United States once knew. A system which family class is everything, not white or black but elitist jerks that think they are genetically superior through their fabricated god.

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     DARK 2020 Opening
      Page 7 of 61

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