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Enter ThyArt Society and Tao Te ThyArt
Tim LeClair   18 Dec 2015 / updated: 18/Dec/2015

ThyArt Society: ThyArt Society is my next project currently in the works. ThyArt Society is about people coming together and sharing their ideas and words to unite humanity. The purpose is to find the root cause and correct the root problem or lessen its effect on people. Cancer may not be cured but we can force proper transparent evaluation of the hazards and lessen the chance of becoming subject to cancer. Racists and bullies can be removed or reduced by putting light to their ugliness. Gangs plague the world but rather than confront the problem most media and law enforcement deny the problem is as bad as it is. Our public education fails to teach proper social interaction, fails to teach how to fill out a check book or the concept of debt. Most drugs, illegal and legal, are detrimental to a person’s health. Depression is a part of nature that moves a person to greatness if properly handled, drugs numb this and amplifies the depression when the drugs are removed. Much can be improved if we send well crafted messages to those that can make the changes happen. The Tao Te ThyArt will be the manual for ThyArt Society.

Tao Te ThyArt - the Canvas: As I go through life, a painting is created that is I. It is my canvas and upon it is ThyArt. Some of the artistry comes from thy self and some from others. No matter, I am the one that molds each situation into what it is, whether it displays as something ugly or beautiful. Though I must ask myself, is it presentable to my creator? Can I make ThyArt be considered exemplary and a model for duplication? Now that I understand this more, I must make sure the summations of the strokes are pleasing and memorable. I must touch up the past and I must strive to paint a brilliant future. My Spirit must become indomitable. My dedication to worthy commitments must be fearless. My life is about me through my responsibilities to create great unity among all people and improving humanity by one (me).

Indomitable Spirit - Unbreakable: An Indomitable Spirit is strong and does not cower. It stands firm when it must and flexes when best. When one lies they are divided between two stories. When a one commits a crime, they must cover their actions. When one has multiple mates, only one will be loved truly. When one accepts being lied to, they cannot accept truths and will prefer those that are also untruthful. When one hurts another, it will be remembered a lifetime. If one chooses to do right, they have no regret and their spirit remains strong..

Fearless - Not Afraid to be Great: Fear and hope cannot exist in the same moment. Hope is the creator of faith, love, and respect. While fear may seem to drive action, it is actually the hope of overcoming a concern. We must become fearless! We must respect valid concerns but we must evaluate such to be valid. We must destroy fear and flourish hope. Fearlessness is not synonymous with foolishness. Only a fool does acts of courage to impress another, most often out of fear. It is time to become fearless to the path of desired future and to make dreams come true. It is time to become fearless, time for the freedom to become great. Be Fearless!

Priceless - My Spirit is Not for Sale: A great spirit has direction and remains on course. Pride, envy, and greed will take one off course. Assigning a price tag to personal accomplishment comes from a weak spirit. To impress others can cause great financial debt and your spiritual self becomes less impressive. To sell self for gain at the cost of values comes with a debt no money can ever repay. People who constantly seek outer happiness will never have inner happiness. Dispense money wisely and have fewer worries. Receive money wisely and keep happiness. Always ask if it is worth the cost.

Truth - To Thine Self be Truthful: One must ask, is the truth obtainable and does it have value that would make it worth acquiring? The person whom says he has never lied is a liar. One must weigh the cost of violating truthfulness and be accountable for such actions. When one accepts being lied to, they will not accept truths and will prefer those that are also untruthful and maintain the lies. Truth does not live with ignorance. Truth does not respect the boundaries of taboo. Truth can be brutal but lies are detrimental. Truth is the light. Truth is Tao and Tao is the truth! A truth no matter your perception that it is of god or of the laws of science.

Marriage - My Better Half: Marriage of contract is only skin deep. Marriage is not a contract but much more. Marriage is the union of woman and man through a special love, trust, faith, reliance, and caring. This special love blinds each to other distractions and lusts. Marriage is the union of two halves making the completeness in creating a family. Marriage is not looking back together at the past or forward into the future, but standing back to back, staying focused today on protecting the family. You know it is right when you know the better half is not you, their life is more valuable than yours, and you desire this person for creating and raising your children. (concerning homosexuality, refer to page 55 – Common Law)

Tao Te ThyArt - Spirit: There must be a way to unite people that seem different but are the same. Many in their means to create association, they create great disassociation. Rather than associate with characteristics of good, they choose by color of skin, religious divisions, and social classes. They seek unity of a few rather than the overall good of humanity. This division of good allows the unity of bad to do horrific things under their own definition of unity and goodness. Seek oneness and unity in everything.

Leadership: Leadership is an interim position between resources and accomplishments. The great leader has the ability to serve and satisfy both. A great leader serves subordinates with everything they need to successfully accomplish their tasks. In doing so, a great leader serves great accomplishments. Great people know when to lead and when to follow.

Almighty Father: Being a parent is one of the most important accomplishments in a person's life. The father is just as important as the mother. Both daughter and son grow spiritually and mentally through their daily interactions with their parents. From the parents the child learns to socially interact, cultural standards, discipline, love, respect, and most importantly how to be an adult.

Almighty Mother: Being a parent is one of the most important accomplishments in a person's life. The mother is just as important as the father. Both daughter and son grow spiritually and mentally through their daily interactions with their parents. From the parents the child learns to socially interact, cultural standards, discipline, love, respect, and most importantly how to be an adult.

The Creator: Though a true Taoist is neither a, theist, agnostic, or atheist. A true Taoist understands that many things are beyond human comprehension. As one gathers facts and reasons of belief in the creation of the universe and of life, they form beliefs beyond facts. Both science and religion are based on belief (faith) of how the universe and life came about. Tao Te ThyArt is not about challenging any faith, it is a philosophy (not religion) to join the good of all faiths for the better of humanity and the earth.

One Family: The racist is one who believes in the race, the battle between the collective families. The racist does believe the color of a skin or a facial feature is more than skin deep. A racist believes their collective family makes them humanly different from other families beyond just appearance. Racist make more racist and division, which creates more division and more racism. To run a race you need competitors. Without competitors, you have no racist, no race and no racism. We just need to respect the other families and their rights and give them a fair chance at equality. We need to cross the finish line together as one family!

One World - One World in Spirit to Serve the People: Humanity has entered a very dangerous time. Technology has advanced to the point where a large portion of the population can be annihilated if the technology is not controlled. Something needs to change to ensure the world is placed in better hands. Rather than find honorable means to obtain goals, the current methods include murder and sterilization. There are literally hundreds (thousands) of horror stories toward control by a force that remains in the dark (evil) that are not  mass publicized in Main Stream Media news.

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     DARK 2020 Opening
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