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Green Coffee Bean and Television Doctors of Fraud
Tim LeClair   14 Jan 2016 / updated: 14/Jan/2016

The Green Coffee bean Extract survey lasted only two weeks and the average weight loss was only two pound above the placebo group. Does Green Coffee Bean actually cause weight loss? Does Green Coffee Bean Extract have an concerning amount of caffeine or other equivalent stimulants like theobromine or theophylline? One of the Wizard’s promotions is Green Coffee Bean, AKA chlorogenic acid. I went to the Internet and found that little to no research was done on humans, and the animal test proved it to cause birth defects and mutations. I questioned myself if Green Coffee Bean was another product a friend suffering with weight issues had purchased and found they did. A total of 4 bottles two empty, one almost empty, and one full. They sat alongside every other pill bottle for magic weight loss. Did they lose any weight? Nope, no magic cure here! Another $100 dollars spent by a loved one for nothing, well at least no weight lost, just the money. The problem is media including these show host doctors can provide false information and lies under the guise of entertainment. About 99.999999% of what is on television is agenda driven. One of the primary agendas is to sell products. Doctor(s) who host television shows provide 40-90% great information and the rest is lies and fabrications. Often they are pushing the latest magic cure and the buzzwords created to sell what are mostly useless products. These doctors are not paid by sellers of the product but by their network. Their global network profits from the global corporations that manufacture produce the pre-labeled magic products. The primary shareholders of both entities are often the same. There will never be a magic cure for weight loss sold on television, just a hidden guarantee of failure and trip back to hopelessness, followed by the next hope to spend your money presented by them as the new magic cure.

The infomercials are no different and often rely on devious tactics, such as auto-ship, return policy restrictions, hidden cost even if free, sales pitch on purchase for many other products, necessary upgrades or attachments, and so on. Even if you return the product, there is always the gimmick of them keeping the handling fee, resulting in extreme profits from even returned items.

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