Destruction of Self, Family, Home, and Country

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Tim LeClair   23 Jan 2016 / updated: 23/Jan/2016

This section on health covers foods and nutrition, hazardous and toxic substances, bad health practices, bad medical practices, deceptive words, and more. Humanity has slipped so far from morality creating a system that seems to lack care for its people. The global industries that make large profits have been given the power to lobby for their interest of money over health and longevity. They can promote products as healthy even knowing the serious effects over time and allowed to hide these dangers in surveys that are fraudulently manipulated. Some of these products are known to cause cancer, reduce intelligence, damage organs, increase stress, and many other health factors but strangely enough, we the people seem not to care until the survey comes out and says that it is deadly or hazardous. We do not even challenge the system after loved ones are injured and killed. The same way we failed to stand up to the lies of the Iraq (U.S. invasion of Iraq) War. The collective seem to remain unconcerned even when presented the facts such as what is on the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for items in our water and food. It is almost as if people are living in submissive death.

Point: Health to unhealthy is through the barrier of immunity, which breaks down over time with age and many of the other factors that influence it, from environmental factors, hazardous substances, stress, lack of sleep, inactivity, oxygen, malnutrition, etc…, eventually leading to premature unhealthiness, illness, and death. Smoking one cigarette in your life will likely not give you cancer, in fact even smoking a pack of cigarettes a day might not guarantee you will get cancer. Smoking cigarettes combined with various other risk factors becomes almost a guarantee of health problems and disease and even death many years sooner. Primary concerns are those that overwork, put pressure on, abuse or damage the vital organs, such as liver, kidneys, lungs, adrenal glands, heart, lymphatic system, respiratory system, and circulatory system. We can make choices of moderation or abstinence of certain substances that may extend our life and include increasing our happiness and longer time without visiting the doctor due to illnesses. The true point of this section is to make it aware that the global industry cares not about your health but their profit from your overindulgence in their products and your bad health. The global have an interest in controlling population and have been caught doing things to reduce the population, especially in countries where they cannot directly influence it through taxes, debt and other means of controlling birthrates. One of the proudest moments of a person on their final moments is to know they live on in their child(ren).

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