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Baby Powder causes Cancer
Tim LeClair   26 Feb 2016 / updated: 21/Jan/2019

There are some women that put a coat of talcum powder on their body religiously every day. One doctor, Harvard epidemiologist Dr. Daniel Cramer estimates that over 10,000 cases of ovarian cancer per year is linked to talcum powder use.

Both Colgate and Johnson & Johnson have lost cases relating to talc products causing cancer. These cases will eventually be appealed until the cases are overturned. One concern is relating to asbestos that is entwined with the talc. The methods commonly used to determine that talc is free of asbestos have a detection limit from 0.1 to 2 percent, meaning talc powder products could contain as much as 2 percent even though claiming asbestos free. The second concern is that talc does have its own health hazards too. Whether it is the talc or the asbestos in the talc that is causing cancer is beyond the conversation here.

This is not to create fear mongering but to make better choices in product selection and through moderation of uses. Select talcum products that are asbestos free even though they may still contain some asbestos. Use moderation and if feel must use as a feminine hygiene product use sparingly. It takes years for asbestos to incubate within the body into cancer. Do not use talc products including "vaseline with baby powder" where sexual activity will place it somewhere that could result in cancer. Another concern would be dusting or creating clouds of powder that become inhaled by you or a baby. Breathing talc tainted with asbestos can be more of a concern for people that are smokers of tobacco.

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     V04 - Health
      Page 25 of 72

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