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ClimateGate Society and its Emails
Tim LeClair   20 Jan 2017 / updated: 14/Jan/2019

From Watts Up With That from Anthony Watts is a list of links to over 250 emails exchanged relating to the Climate Change fraud.

cc: Ian Kraucunas , Steve McIntyre

date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 15:15:17 -0500
from: "Gerald R. North"
subject: Data Requests from McIntyre
to: Lonnie Thompson ,, Gabi Hegerl ,,,

Dear Colleagues,
Mr. Steve McIntyre has recently asked me to contact you in hopes that you will send him some information regarding your recent research. He has previously asked Dr. Ralph Cicerone to send out such a letter to you, but Dr. Cicerone was reluctant to do so in his role as President of the National Academy of Sciences. Mr. McIntyre thought that as chair of the recent NRC Committee on Reconstruction of Surface Temperatures for the Last Two Thousand Years, that my request to you might carry some weight.

   Of course, I have no authority to compel you to do anything with your data and I do not represent the NRC Committee on this matter. I understand that you have spent many days and even years collecting your data under sometimes dangerous conditions. But McIntyre does have a point in that most of our research has been supported by US Taxpayers. I also understand that archiving data is expensive and time consuming (I also know that not all of the archiving and quality control was supported by past grants), but as scientists we all owe it to each other to share information to the maximum extent possible.

   So I would like to ask you that if it is feasible to grant McIntyres requests. Despite his sometimes unusual approach to science and scientists, I do believe he is bright, hardworking and sincere.

I attach McIntyres letter to me.

Best wishes,
Jerry North


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