Destruction of Self, Family, Home, and Country

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YouTube Climate Change Playlist
ThyArt Society   12 Dec 2018 / updated: 21/Dec/2018

Note: I do note agree in full on any of the videos in the Playlist, with my understanding on the topic of Climate Change comes from rationally challenging all the information for correctness. Often lies are tainted with 90% to 95% truths, making it hard to separate. As time passes this playlist will get large and the videos that are found to have important content will have an article dedicated to it in this section.

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ThyArt DARK Opening
V01 - Semantics
V02 - Education
V03 - Psychology
V04 - Health
V05 - Resources / Money
V06 - Media - Propaganda
V07 - History
V08 - Science
V09 - Technology
V10 - Climate Change
V11 - Globalization
V12 - US Empire
V13 - Other Countries
V14 - Entities
V15 - Organizations
V16 - Secretive
V17 - Friend or Foe
V18 - Cultures
V19 - ThyArt
V20 - Common Sense
Supporting Media
  V01: Word Play
  V02: Education
  V03: Psychology
  V04: Health
  V05: Resources / Money
  V06: Media / Propaganda
  V07: Ancient History
  V08: Science
  V09: Technology
  V10: Climate Change
  V11: Globalization
  V12: US Empire
  V13: Other Countries
  V14: Entities
  V15: Organizations
  V16: Secretive
  V17: Friend or Foe
  V18: Culture
  V19: ThyArt
  V20: Common Sense
  V20-Mouth of the Horse

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