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Wake UP !!!
Tim of ThyArt   19 Dec 2018 / updated: 19/Dec/2018

My life sucks because of you. Your life sucks because of you! People in the United States (actually every country) are being screwed in every way possible and most of the people are too busy struggling, complaining, and even dying. Most are just clueless or do not understand that if we do not make noise when we are screwed, then they will continue to screw us. So let me present a list of reasons why you should be concerned.

- Fluoride in the water is proven to cause dental fluorosis and lowered IQ by up to 20 points.

- Police officers without justification are shooting and killing white and black people.

- Politicians and officials are lying and committing crimes without penalty.

- Mind Control tactics were perfected and the product is used daily through the television.

- The mainstream media promotes racism, hate, fear, pride, lust, fabrications, etc.

- People are going to prison for a small amount of marijuana and other victimless reasons.

- Google, like the rest of the search engines job is primarily to hide information.

- Social media steals a person's in person social skills, easy to hide behind a keypad.

- The FDA is approving drugs that side effects include suicide, kidney failure, and cancer.

- A bad batch of vaccines accidentally or purposely could kill (hundreds of) millions of people.

- The educational system fails to teach skills such as financial, social, scientific, life, etc.

- The universities and colleges are abusing every means possible to indebt students.

- Social skills have disappeared where neighbors hardly talk or even know their neighbor's names.

- Substances such as benzoate that are known to cause cancer are added to foods and drinks purposely.

- The main ingredient of baby powder, talc powder contains asbestos naturally when mined.

- The primary cause of LDL cholesterol is sugar and starch, doctors not fixing cause, but pushing drugs.

- Most all charities for donations provide less than 30% to the cause, some less than 5%.

- Global warming and carbon dioxide conversations are nothing but for taxing everybody.

- Most of our smart devices connected to the Internet can and are spying on us purposely.

- Much of the history that we know of has been recorded incorrectly by the winner of wars.

- Drones and robots will soon be our police force, able to kill anyone without a conscious.

- You have likely not heard of Agenda 21 and the trillions of dollars spent on this program.

- Nonprofit businesses must forfeit their right to the First Amendment or face tax penalties.

- ISIS was created by the United States to push regime changes in Iraq, Syria, and Libya.

- Vietnam was never a North Vietnam and a South Vietnam, Vietnam WAR was a crime.

- Bill Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall act a root cause of the 2008 market crash.

- All prices skyrocketed because we were running out of oil, whoops now it is cheap again!

- The United States has more people in its prison system than most all countries combined.

- Medical malpractice is a leading cause of death, but it is covered by insurance.

- The United States spends more on the military budget than most all countries combined.

- Your unhealthiness is the system’s profit.

- Your financial ignorance is the system’s profit.

- The United States and its CIA are primary drug providers of heroin and cocaine.

- There has not been a great U.S. president in 100 years, maybe even 200 years.

This list is nowhere near complete and could likely replace every page in this book full of single line items like this of the deceptions, lies, and delusions we all live for the agenda of a few.  The goal for you is not to have children, get divorced, spend stupidly, live in debt, and die slow and costly.

I do not know where you are mentally but once you get older, you are going to ask how it got so bad and why did I not do better for myself and family. When you were young, you were trained so far off course, you are pointed to blame it on your elderly and you are right, their first failure was to allow you the children to be taught so poorly. The young have no clues to what the real problems are, pointing the finger at their parents until they become old, becoming the next round of parents that screwed their children over. Who are you making noise against, your parents, a purposely exaggerated problem, or did you bother to research the truth to the cause and fight the root cause rather than the resultant problem? You, as well as I, have become the problem.

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