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Do I Care about You?
Tim of ThyArt   19 Dec 2018 / updated: 19/Dec/2018

Do I care about you, honestly and truthfully? Let me rephrase that so you can relate. Do you really care about someone that you do not know like me? The answer to both questions is truthfully, NO! You can say you care for the starving children in another country, or the over exaggerated abused animals, or the homeless, or the poor lost soul to abortion, or Michael Jackson, or your football team, or your neighbor, and so many other things you feel you care for, but do you really?  If you really did care, you would give up some of those nice things in life to support or maybe expect reciprocal in terms of loving and caring. But to give $1000 in donations to a invisible cause when you make $100,000 cannot really be called caring!

People need to stop giving a sh*t – Suli Breaks

There are many great words, speeches, and quotes but if we fail to take them to heart, they do not drive us to action they become empty words. So let me speak some quality words. Foremost, you must take care of yourself, that way you can take care of the things you need to, then you can take care of the things you want. From this moment on it is about making a better self. Listen, think, learn, then become someone special.

I look around today and all I see is ugliness within the people. When I was younger, we could wave at each other and say hello. Today if I say hello to you or wave I must have an ulterior motive. If you are a woman, my only real reason is to have sex with you, so you think you conceded. If you are a man, I must be homosexual and my only real reason is to have sex with you, so you think you delusional. You have become shameful pathetic people that do not have the gall even to look someone in the eyes. Over 90% of your social satisfaction comes from your smart phone or your Facebook page. I cannot even talk of relevant subjects without you proving your ignorance to the world around you. Why should I care about you?

Then why do I care about you? Why am I bothering to write this book? Maybe it is if we do not stand united against the greedy people of this world, we as individuals are going to pay for it increasingly. The last eight years, the cost for insurances have gone up between 30 to 100%, for most people. The cost of prescription drugs has gone up 70%. Many of the items we buy have also gone up by 30 to 50%. It has become a crime in some places to record a police officer committing a crime. It has become a crime to speak honestly and truthfully, what is on a person’s mind. It is not a crime for a politician or official to lie or commit a crime. The food companies are purposely putting poisons in our food that slowly make us unhealthy and being allowed to because everyone remains ignorant. Fear, hate, and foolish pride are being pushed by our government and media at every opportunity. The people of United States from our actions created the ISIS terrorist group and made our own boogieman. So do I really care about you? Maybe the real question is do you really care about yourself. I talk with many and they would prefer to talk about some singer or some football player rather than use their brain to make a better world for self and their children, which would also make a better world for me to live in. So do I really care about you? Yes I do, for I would like you to help me make this world better for you and in return for me and progress humanity for the collective.

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     DARK 2020 Opening
      Page 6 of 61

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