Destruction of Self, Family, Home, and Country

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I am Tim of ThyArt
Tim of ThyArt   08 Jan 2019 / updated: 08/Jan/2019

Collective of Fools: If one holds dear to a political view they are collectivized (lacking any true resolution), if one holds dear to a religious view they are collectivized (lacking any true god), if one holds dear to a racial view they are collectivized (lacking true comprehension of humanity), if you have a side you are likely collectivized. Collectivization is their tool to disseminate fear, hate, pride, greed, and ignorance. If a side opposes them, they destroy it or infiltrate it; there is no side that opposes them. Who is them? Them, they are the extreme upper class that as individuals could be considered families or as collective a counsel over all counsels.

I am Tim LeClair: I was born to an educator of science and golf professional. While my father had little time for me, he left for me a wealth of knowledge in his collection of books. To make this brief, My High School years, I bounced around in pathway curriculum with nothing usable, that ended with me taking 12th grade physics and chemistry in 11th grade with “A” averages, then ending the year taking my GED and ASVAB tests, then joining the United States Navy. I entered what I would consider a field that required a broad range of scientific knowledge in the field of avionics as an Aviation Electricians Mate, referred to as Aviation Everything. My daily task was to repair systems that related to Aircraft instrumentation, air data computations, flight control, automatic flight control, attitude reference, inertial navigation, and much more. I retired from the Navy at 20 years with half the time working at the aircraft level and the other half at the black box level. On a daily basis my knowledge of science was tested and helped me to accelerate at my job. My hobbies were learning science, martial arts, tennis, and computers (programming, hacking, and repair).

Standing behind my Research: On December 22nd in the year 2018, I entered a time in my life I feared the most, that was the passing of my mother. With this New Year, with this hardship I evaluated my life, now approaching life differently and plan to take ownership of my writings. As I create what could be a large document, I will take ownership of speculations, opinions, assumptions, and theories to best answer what I perceive is happening and the best resolution. The problem is they own history and they own science, it is their history and science, which is disseminated to their best interest and maintenance of power and control; not important that it is real science or history but importance to their interest. The truths are bent, hidden and destroyed if needed by these people. To succeed as a scientist, one must accept the Copenhagen interpretation and the gods of its creation. For this reason, I will maintain my Puzzling Words 2012 rating system and emphasis it as my evaluation, leaving it to the reader to research and come to their own conclusion.

I am Tim of ThyArt: At almost 50 years old, I started my research that has been full time (60 to 80 hours a week) for over 10 years. The common question I found among people was, "How do you fix it?" That is a loaded question to devalue those researching. How do we fix it? We fix it when tens of millions of people have had enough likely at the Elite's next world war, continue the march through their mansions and castles and end their realm; that is how you fix it (when the privates becomes the generals and the generals of old are trialed for treason against the people of the world). When people as individuals confront the common enemy as a collective of individuals, all with a personal reason to fight, then no collective run by a general stands a chance without committing genocide. To fix it, become an individual as defined by Lao Tzu in Tao Te ThyArt, and create a government as defined in Thomas Paine's Common Sense, A land where law rules with respect to the individual.

ThyArt DARK: My biggest acceptance is humanity is not as intelligent as claimed. Human's seeming higher intelligence is from its ability to pass on knowledge from generation to generation, without this knowledge humans would likely still be in caves. The most brilliant of people have been stuffed with privileged knowledge and I find some of them the least intelligent of people that have no ability to challenge their training. what I am truly saying is the professors and scientists are not so intelligent and the average person is about as intelligent if not more intelligent. When knowledge becomes hard coded in the brain a person no longer needs to use their brain, a person that does not use their brain becomes stupid. While I respect the engineer and technician, I suspect most that have the title of scientist are overall stupid people, especially if they believe the title scientist defines the person.

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