Destruction of Self, Family, Home, and Country

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Tim of ThyArt   10 Jan 2019 / updated: 10/Jan/2019

Conversations: The education system of the United States is appalling. It is a system that promotes class structure, ethnicity, pride, and narcissism to the top. It is a system that fails to teach how to fill out a checkbook, terms of loans, the laws of the land, how to socially interact with various people. Our education fails to teach anything worthy to have a successful, healthy, and happy life.

The teachers that teach this material are supposedly educated enough, should know what the students need but rather than improve the criteria, they continue to teach the trash curriculum that is pushed down upon them to teach. It is a curriculum that is not a choice by the educators. It is a curriculum that promotes a high percentage of failure. It is a system that fails to promote for the collective to have successful and happier lives, or being able to handle their money and stay healthy.

Point: Education should be about teaching the students of today to make tomorrow better for everyone.

This is where the intelligent people stand apart and the rest fall behind. It is up to the individual to make a success of their life. We cannot rely upon the educational system to provide us that success. If you choose college over trade schools or other means, make sure that you focus on the degree that actually provides worth to you in the job market and what you want to do.

When it comes to health, research anything that does not seem right or seems unnatural. Question everything. Once you understand the system, it will be easy to understand that your interest is not always the interest of corporations. The global interest concern with you is how much money they can take from your lack of health, from your lack of knowledge, and in your desires to want more than you need or will ever really use. They will redefine even beauty, to support their sale of products to obtain their definition of beauty.

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