Destruction of Self, Family, Home, and Country

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Tim of ThyArt   10 Jan 2019 / updated: 10/Jan/2019

Conversations: The section on psychology is about human natural instinct, thought manipulation, mind control, methods to make individuals docile and of lower IQ, and other means of mass population control. We are surrounded by efforts to control our ability to challenge the system and its design. When you realize these techniques methods they become obvious and aware that the tactics are factual and really being executed. There are so many methods from the educational system, to the drugs such as fluorine put in the water and many other drugs, and the television set is nothing but a constant barrage of mind manipulation. Most everything that is put out by mainstream media, publications, television, books, movies, and many Internet websites are propaganda designed to mold your thought and values on chosen various topics.

There is not a day that an individual interacting with society does not enter this realm of this alteration of human thought.

We all love a good football game or something of that sort; we put such a value on it because it helps us interact with fellow people and is less likely to touch a nerve relating to their beliefs of politics, religion, race, history etc... This allows the Elite to maintain taboo those subjects that are talked of within this book and no need for them to be discussed because we have plenty other things to talk about that are more important to trivial minds and trivial minds will never fix this world so we can have a happy life.

I really do think that there are some intelligent people who can take the understanding that some of the things that we consider evils are necessary for human survivability and maintaining a balance that is beyond our comprehension.

Point: All that can be asked of an individual is that they desire not to be misled and not be trivial. We need to get a grasp on the methods that destroy our intellect, our knowledge base, so we can make better choices in life concerning money, health and happiness. Most every commercial that comes on television is in some way or another scam. They all use deceptive words that incite emotions over logic. Learn these words known as buzzwords and doublespeak and you will be less likely to be misled from the truth. Do not consider yourself just a good person else, you will likely become used by bad. Make your decisions that equate for the best results and for better. Use your brain and think.

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