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     V08 - Science
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Tim of ThyArt   10 Jan 2019 / updated: 10/Jan/2019

Conversations: Science and technology are the subjects that I can relate more to within my life. The first 20 years of my adulthood was spent in the field of electrical and electronic repair of aircraft, or termed avionics. During this time of working on military aircraft, I experienced some hands-on with such things as proximity switches, computer circuitry, phased array radar, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and many other toys long before becoming what is called today's technology. About 10 years of that time, I spent repairing electronic circuit boards and other individual parts to the aircraft. The systems I worked on included inertial navigation, attitude heading reference systems, automatic flight control systems, and various other instrumental systems within the aircraft. My father was a high school science teacher and had two full shelves that were 6 feet long full of science books. When I graduated from Dr. Seuss I moved on to modern physics and found it enjoyable. There are some sciences that were barely mentioned in these books and not thoroughly explained while others were exact and measurable. Some of these sciences such as the Big Bang theory and Evolution theory were definitely incomplete and at most hypothesis. Today as I dedicate more research to these sciences of question, I find that they are nothing more than a religious tools pointing well-educated scientist back toward religion. 120 years ago, science was a more respectable field where there was genuine search for truth rather than just glory.

What is most important to understand is once this Pandora's Box lid is opened, it will release technology that we will not have the power to remove it from society. An example is that we can never remove the knowledge of the creation of the atomic bomb.

Point: From science and technology come our future’s good and bad. The best we can hope for is it all the bad that comes from science and technology that we can come up with a good to keep it under control. The worst is if we lose control of science and technology and the few that do possess it, use it for controlling the rest of the people on earth to include slavery on large populations in manners worse than ever known to humankind.

We need a new system of picking our leaders that make the world better over greedy, prideful people that please self and the rich. Many of us will be alive in 30 years but fail to understand how the decisions today will affect life in the future. It is easy for a punk of 25 today to say all people should be euthanized at age 70, when he turns 69 the punk might be regretting his part in creating the situation. Do not think tomorrow will be anything like today, 30 years ago we did not have cell phones, we can go back 30 more years we lose computers, we go back 30 more years we lose television, 30 more we lose radio. In another 30 years from now, the technology will advance beyond our imagination. It is up to us today to ensure that tomorrow becomes what we wanted it to be for our children and us. Those that are just sitting around watching television, playing their Xbox and PlayStation's are just zombies for the system whose inactivity will impair the progression of humanity, allowing science, technologies, and the laws to create a world that few enjoy.

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     V08 - Science
      Page 37 of 60

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