Destruction of Self, Family, Home, and Country

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     V11 - Globalism
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Tim of ThyArt   10 Jan 2019 / updated: 10/Jan/2019

Conversations: While many countries consider self to be sovereign over it operations, not one is independent. This is especially true of citizens of the First World Countries. There are Global existences that have found means to acquire and keep control over a country even upon revolution and change. Call this global power an octopus with many tentacles or means of maintaining its existence. Most of what we see of globalism is just a shield for an oligarchy that hides behind many fronts, façades that are paraded as the real power. Some of these facades of rule are the Catholic Church, Zionist, British Empire, British Royal Family, Counsel on Foreign Relations, Freemasons, Global Money, Global Resources, Global Intellectuals, etc…

This global power and global trade has become more powerful than any single country. Any country that opposes it is strangled until it complies or dies.

The existence of this Global Power rides above the power of any country and is protected and maintained by the politicians and the Nongovernmental organizations. The barrier between the Elite and this global power is the central banking system and the United Nations. Without the central banking system the world’s Elite would be exposed. This Globalization allows the Elite to push and pull money to accomplish their interests literally able to bring countries as powerful as the United States to its knees and force compliance.

Point: If the Global Interest of the world can move people from their land by various means of saving a turtle, backing for loans or bonds, flooding lands, national parks, taking clause, condemnation, wars, protecting water ways, etc.., the global interest can later alter ruling on the land and acquire the land for nearly nothing. As smaller farmers and ranchers are destroyed, the global interest not only wins over their customers but eventually their land too. If you have property within the areas that come into the plans of this interest, one way or another you will be removed. Eventually, few people will live in rural areas and few people will own land of any quantity. This Global Interest does have timelines and the years 2030 and 2050 seem to be important for obtaining certain goals. Over time, most people will be moved from private property to renting an apartment within tight communities. The modes of travel will be less independent and automated as much as possible. We could call them beautiful SLAVE FARMS! The land will become owned by the Elite and the bankers.

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     V11 - Globalism
      Page 53 of 74

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