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     V12 - US Empire
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The United States Empire
Tim of ThyArt   10 Jan 2019 / updated: 10/Jan/2019

Conversations: The United States has become the strongest empire in the world that is unlike any empire of the past, having the power to destroy every country in the world if it so desires. The United States is a government that is dictated by its laws in what is called a Republic. The representatives of this Republic are supposedly determined by a Democratic process. Somewhere in time or maybe from its very conception we lost that ability to select the candidates that are in of interest to the people. Somehow the parties that provide the candidates devised a system where they provide us the candidates rather than by process of choice by the people. Simply put, we get to choose the best of the worst in most cases.

Global industries need to be removed from any voting power, including the removal of their lobbyist that control or have input into the way our representation create laws.

The representatives need to be returned to representing We the People of the United States rather than the Global Interest and donations should only be allowed from American citizens not corporations. We were born a nation of slavery and we still are a nation of slavery. Many people live in homes not much better than what the slaves lived in 200 years ago that were in chains. Today the chains are their debt and most people are so far debt, they are struggling to put today's meal on the table. These Elite seem to feel that the only way to get people to work is by some form of slavery and sadly, in some senses this has some truth to it.

Point: It is amazing how few people care as our rights, privileges, and privacy are taken from us each day. It is amazing how people have let their government feed them with fear rather than hope. What can we do? It seems that the candidates in office fear most not being reelected. If we could put the fear into them that they will not be reelected, then we may be able to convince them to represent the people rather than the banks and corporations.

The problem with any solution is it would take a majority of people to allow us to throw away the terms Republican and Democrat. Eventually we need to work on throwing away this two-party system as a means to elect our candidates and created another voting system through electronic means that can be monitored and insured of quality so that the candidates that are on the ballots reflect what the We the People believe would be of good quality leaders for this country.

The United States could become the New World Order if it could learned how to properly treat people, create an effective and satisfying system of laws, Allow the states to become like countries with some independency, then allow the other countries to reform to this system of laws and then be allowed to join. The air force and navy would remain federal, while the army would belong to the states.

If you are born in the United States or a United States citizen, this is your family. We need to stick together and not allow religion, race, class, or other societies or fraternities to destroy our unity as a country. You are not African, you are not Asian, and you are not European!

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     V12 - US Empire
      Page 55 of 67

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